August 22, 2007

7:30 PM


  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes from June 27, 2007
  4. Applicants:





Fred & Ruth Drumm

138 Burgoyne Rd.

Schuylerville, NY  12871

S/B/L 156-3-30.11    Rural


Applicant proposes to subdivide a 1.84 acre parcel from the 78.26 acre farm for a residence for their daughter.


Sketch Plan Review


Kevin & Kim Relyea       

53 Van Dorn St.

Saratoga, NY  12866

S/B/L 168-2-68.21   Rural


Applicants propose to subdivide 80,068 sq. ft. of property from 72.+/- acres owned by her father, John F. Deyoe Sr., 297 County Rt. 68, on which to build a home.


William Barton

677 Rt. 29

Saratoga, NY  12866

S/B/L 167-1-20   Rural Residential


Applicant is seeking a lot line adjustment between the lands of John F. and Josephine S. Hickey, 649 Rt. 29, Saratoga Springs, NY and the lands of William Barton.


PUD Sketch Plan


David McKibbin

1515 N. Federal Hwy., Suite 314

Boca Raton, FL  33432

S/B/L 168.-3-44.1  Rural


Applicant is proposing a PUD project, naming it Stafford Bridge Inn, LLC, S/B/L# 168.-3-44.1.  This project  consists of the development of forty eight townhouses, a pool and clubhouse, a horse farm including barns, paddocks, storage buildings, manager’s office, staff apartments and a single-family house, on approximately 117.63 acre site on Wagman’s Ridge Rd.


Old Business:


New Business:


The next meeting will be September 26, 2007


Meeting adjourned


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