Board of Water Management

February 10, 2009



The Schuylerville Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on Tuesday February 10, 2009 at 7pm in the Village of Victory.


Chairman Colvin led the meeting.


Present:†† Chairman Colvin, Commissioners Kahnle, Lloyd, and Pink,

Recording Secretary Buchanan



March Meetings:†† It was determined to only have one meeting for the month.

Tuesday, March 10th in Schuylerville at 7pm.



January 13, 2009 and January 27, 2009.

Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to approval the January 13 and the 27th, 2009 meeting minutes and they were seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


Treasurerís Report:

Balances in the accounts were read.



There was a resolution #2008.2009-17 presented to transfer $125,000 to apply to the outstanding vouchers, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.This is to authorize the transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2008.2009-17 to transfer $125,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


Operational Items:

†††† †††††† Disability Benefits:Information has been received from Adirondack Insurance agency with coverage rates for NYS Statutory Benefits.The current provider is Guardian ($28.21each male, for one year) with the new information from the First Rehabilitation Life Insurance Company of America it is $35.40/each male, for one year.This would increase the statutory benefit from $170.00 per week to the maximum of $340.00 a week.

Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to accept the change from the company Guardian ($28.21/male) to Life Insurance Company of America ($35.40/male) for Disability Benefits, for a weekly benefit increase from $170.00 to $340.00, it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.



February 10, 2009

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††††††††† Budget Time:The treasurerís report reflected a reminder to the board that the tentative budget is due mid-March, and that it is time to appoint a budget officer.Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to authorize Whitney Colvin to be the budget officer and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


Capital Improvement Project:


Substantial completion:Still pending


Acceptance of the Victory Water Treatment Plant: Still pending


WM Shultz Punch List:No update has been received as to the completion of the punch list items.


††††††††††† Town of Saratoga CEO Letter:†† A letter was received from the Town of Saratoga CEO with some building permit issues.Attorney Dixon stated that the Town does not have authority.Plans were signed off with the DOH.He stated the Water Board does not pay any fees or required to have any inspections.†† Mr. Dixon stated that the Water Board could give the record drawings (as-builts) to the town with the understanding that they are just for information.Mr. Dixon stated he could do a letter stating that the Town does not have jurisdiction. He stated he would get it to the Secretary for the Chairman to sign the letter.


Closeout Documents:The Treasurer reported that each of the Contractors received a letter from Laberge, outlining the necessary documents in order to close out the project.



Foremanís Report:

Gas operated pumps: Mr. Colvin stated he would look over the quotes that were provided to him by the Water Foreman at a previous meeting.He hoped to have an update at the next meeting, he has not been able to provide an update as of yet.


Foreman Dennison presented a written report.


It stated that there was a frozen water main ĖNYS RT 4 Bridge.This main took several days to repair and had an electrician come in to replace the electrical tape and do some other repairs.


Mr. Dennison stated that a Technician from Clean Waters Inc. came to review customer complaints in the Schuylerville Area.They discussed procedures and the water main layouts, and they took water samples.



February 10, 2009

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He reported that the water sample results showed proper treatment and confirmed that manganese and iron will settle out in low lying or dead end areas.Frequent flushing in these areas will reduce customer complaints.An additional fire hydrant installed in the loop close to the canal on Hessian Drive would improve and eliminate the difficulties of flushing in this area.


Foreman Dennison stated that Ross Value has been at the plant on numerous occasions recently trying to correct ongoing problems with the bypass flow valve.A Teflon sleeve was installed to replace the stock brass sleeve in this valve.The control unit was also reconfigured and a faulty circuit board was replaced.The valve appears to be operating as designed.


Mr. Dennison reported he received the 2009 Sample Schedule from DOH.This included an additional 582 tests throughout the year.Mr. Dennison was also notifying the board that the DOH 2008 Yearly Report is due in March:


Chairman Colvin stated that he was contacted by Mr. Dennison and he is looking for approval for an additional 1 hr -3 to 4 days a week, until Ted gets back in March.After a short discussion it was agreed to approve 3 hours per week just for the month of February.


Victory Plant:no report


Old Business:

Units in question: Broad Street- Chairman Colvin stated he is still waiting to hear from Gil Albert and he was going to be checking in on this at their village meeting tomorrow night.


Security Cameraís Grants through Home Land Security-update. Chairman Colvin stated he is going to meet with a representative from Wells Communications on Thursday, and hoped to have an update at the next meeting.


New Business:

Pechette- 174 Broad St.Two family and will not be renting any more.Letter received.Chairman Colvin stated he would stop by their residence and then report back next month.


Public Comment:

Wendy Lukas of Schuylerville inquired about the disability that was discussed earlier in the meeting, along with the amounts of reimbursements to the villages for the $88,651.00 payment that was made for the capital financing.Chairman Colvin stated that Schuylerville was reimbursed $67,374.76 and Victory was reimbursed $21,276.24.She also asked about who was doing water samples.Chairman Colvin stated that both villagesí employees are doing the sampling.


February 10, 2009

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She also asked when the closing out of the finances for the plant will occur.When it was expected to get closed out, and asked if then there would be any more need for a project manager.Chairman Colvin stated that they are working on finalizing the costs and waiting for some more things to come in.Ms. Lukas also was stating concerns on her water pressure and black pieces in her water.




Executive Session:

Commissioner Pink made a motion to go into executive session for matters with the pending litigation with Laberge and it was seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.




Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to return from the executive session and resume the regular meeting, with no action taken, it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.






Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.







Respectfully submitted,




Brenda S. Buchanan

Recording Secretary


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