1                    Tasks to be performed when assigned with a court clerk:

A         Entering information on case folders and filing

B          Answering telephone and taking messages – the intern will provide requested information commensurate with level of training.

C         Become familiar with the procedures for accepting and accounting for fine and bail money (intern will not handle checks or money, sign receipts, or have responsibility for court funds)

D         Data entry

E          Case prep and set up for court

F          Become familiar with the procedures for scheduling and assigning cases

G         Making scofflaw notifications - must be reviewed and signed by a clerk

H         Record sentences after plea in court and as received on plea sheets

I           Make notifications for Science of Speeding school



2                    Tasks to be performed when assigned with the uniform court officer:

A         Call cases

B          Co-ordinate called case with documents at bench

C         Copy documents as directed by uniform court officer

C         Secure courtroom at conclusion of court

D         Assist with records and equipment security and moving equipment and files to chambers at conclusion of court room proceedings



3                    Tasks to be performed when assigned with a judge:

A         Enter sentences on case files – print neatly and insure that judge has reviewed and initialed

B          Research fine schedule and surcharges for traffic and criminal matters

C         Legal research

D         Record testimony and judge’s statements during court as needed – primarily during small claims, civil cases, and eviction hearings


Each court official will conduct a mid-term and final intern performance review based on the expected level of proficiency.  In addition to ratings for the assigned tasks, the intern will be rated by a judge on appearance, professionalism, punctuality, courtesy, and enthusiasm.

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