Saratoga Town Court

Internship Program


The internship program is designed to provide an overview of the criminal justice system with a focus on the operation of local justice courts.  To enhance the intern’s learning, select readings are assigned throughout the ten week program.  The assignments will be discussed at the conclusion of each reading assignment.  In addition to the reading assignments, each intern will be assigned a research project.



Week 1                 Read the booklet “The Courts of New York” and Criminal Procedure Law section 1.20 parts1-32


Weeks 2 & 3         Read Penal Law sections 10.00 parts 1-18, 15.05 parts 1-4, section 15.15, and 15.20


Weeks 4 & 5         Read Penal Law section 55.10 parts 1-4


Weeks 6 -10          Conduct research in Westlaw and/or Lexus Nexus on cases before the court and read various law sections as assigned.


As cases arrive in court, the intern is expected to read the appropriate sections of law to become familiar with the prohibitions and sanctions.


The intern is encouraged to discuss the cases and the procedures with court personnel.


Throughout the program, the intern is responsible for completion of the public defender applications and the community service intake interview forms.

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