Saratoga Town Court

Internship Program

Rating standards


You have been accepted as an intern with our court team.You now represent the judicial branch of the Town of Saratoga therefore you are expected to look and act professional when in the court building or when assigned to court related duties at any time and place.Serious misconduct at any time is grounds for dismissal from the program.


The following are standards to which you are expected to adhere.


Appearance††† You may dress casually when working in the office with the clerks.Jeans with a casual top is acceptable in the office.Shorts are acceptable during hot weather.Tee shirts with offensive or controversial wording are not acceptable.When assigned to the courtroom you are expected to dress in neat, clean, and tasteful professional business attire.Shoes are to be shined.Males are to wear a dress shirt with a tie. Do not chew gum in the courtroom. Your image is your first impression.Look and act professional.


Attendance†††† At the start of the program you, a court officer, and the school representative will decide the appropriate hours per week (minimum of 3 office hours plus court time) that you are to dedicate to the program.The times to be spent in chambers and in court will be listed on a schedule that you are expected to follow.If you are to be late or absent, the court and the school must be notified prior to the lateness or absence.


Attitude††† You should display a positive professional attitude at all times.


Initiative†† You will not always be closely supervised.When tasks are available that you have been authorized to perform, it is expected that you will initiate working on the task and complete the task commensurate with your ability.


Organization†† Court can be a very busy place and it may appear that insufficient time is allotted to complete the necessary tasks.You may be assigned multiple tasks to be completed within the same day, week, or month.You should organize the allotted time for reasonably efficient task management and completion.


Working with defendants You will frequently be in direct contact with defendants to assist with completion of public defender applications. The forms should be completed quickly and accurately. You may provide other assistance to defendants when directed by a court officer. You may never work alone with a defendant or be alone with a defendant.If you experience difficulty with the defendant or the defendantís conduct appears improper or threatening, notify the court staff immediately.


Academics††† Textbook and law book readings are assigned throughout the program.At the conclusion of each reading, you and a judge or clerk will discuss the assignment.You are expected to gain basic familiarity with the topic then demonstrate your learning during these discussions.All interns are assigned a research project.

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