Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on January 15, 2008 at 6:30pm in the Schuylerville Meeting Hall.


Present: Commissioners Kori Siciliano, Whitney Colvin, Douglas Pink, and George Kahnle (Newly appointed).

Recording Secretary Buchanan, Mayor Sullivan, Chief Water Operator Mark Dennison, Treasurer Maureen Kemmet, and Trustee Dennison from the Village of Victory.


Commissioner Colvin led the meeting and started with the Pledge.



It was determined to have the February Meetings on Tuesday, February 12, in Victory at 7pm and Tuesday, February 26th, in Schuylerville at 7pm.



Commissioner Siciliano made a motion to approve the December 18th, meeting minutes and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


Treasurerís Report:

There was a resolution #2007-26 presented to transfer $70,000.00 to apply to the outstanding vouchers, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.This is to authorize a transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.Commissioner Pink made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2007-26 to transfer $70,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


There was a resolution #2007-27 a budget amendment is required in order to transfer money from the revenue side of the budget to amend the expenditure side, authorizing the short term payment for the State Revolving Fund money borrowed, for the water project #15085.From Fund Surplus, 2831 for $43,250.09 to Debt Service, Principle, 9750.6.Commissioner Pink made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2007-27 and it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.


There was a resolution #2007-28 to authorized the Treasurer to reimburse the villages for their portion of the DWSRF Short Term Principle Payment as follows Village of Victory $10,380.02 and the Village of Schuylerville $32,870.07.Commissioner Pink made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2007-28 and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


Operational Items:

Update on Grant Application through the State Archives:It was reported that there was a meeting with Chuck Voss, CT Male, where they reviewed information needed for submittal.It was noted that letters of support should be included from both Mayors and the Town that we service.Also some meter information has been received from vendors in relation to price, style, type and software options.If the grant is awarded, demos would be provided to the water board in an effort to determine the best meter/radio/system for metering the water system.Maureen stated she will be meeting with Mark to best determine a target area to begin since it should not be expected to do all of the water consumers initially.This project should be considered over a period of years with the budget supporting some of that cost with exception to the actual installation of the meter being covered by the consumer.The application deadline is February 1, 2008.


January 15, 2008

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Budget Time/Budget Officer Determination:The report included a list of dates the water board should be aware of in relation to the new fiscal budget for next year (June 08-May 2009).The water board should appoint a budget officer that receives a stipend of $200.00 as was approved and in the current budget.Please appoint a budget officer since that process should begin by February.Commissioner Pink made a motion to appoint Whitney Colvin as the budget officer and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, 3 ayes, 1 abstention, motion passed. (3-0-1).


Good News! From NYSDEC:A notice of determination has been received, since the last two years Maureen has requested that DEC review the SPDES (State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit, and we were awarded a refund of $8,750.00 ($4,375.00 for each year).She stated she requested the review based on our actual flow discharge and the permit fee for the years 2005 and 2006 were reduced to $375.00.Mayor Sullivan wanted to make note that without the efforts of Maureen Kemmet this refund would not have been possible, as she has been working on this issue for some time.


Project Correspondence:

Bid Awards:It was reported that a contractor meeting has been scheduled for January 29th at 10 am in Victory.Each contractor will have a representative attend as well as Steve Adams from Laberge Group and M/W/BE Representative Carla Leubner from EFC.If available, Mark, Maureen and Brenda will attend.The project should be completed by September 1, 2008 as noted in the specs.


FAB (Financial Assistance to Business) Amendment No. 1: has been sent to the Village of Schuylerville first for execution but will be forwarded to the Village of Victory for execution by the Clerk/Treasurer and a Commissioner of the Water Board to sign (in this case Commissioner Siciliano).


Project Finance Issues:It was reported that Maureen continues to work with Mark Colopy in an effort to complete the final review of miscellaneous items.If the water board has any additional questions, please advise and it will be provided.One item that needs to be addressed is the cost related to the ongoing Legal Counsel.†† Please make a determination how the water board will proceed in paying Whiteman Osterman and Hanna.As discussed at the last meeting the board should review the retainer agreement and determine what portion is operating cost vs. capital cost.


Chief Water Operatorís Report:

Mark Dennison reported on the Albertsonís Line first.He stated he asked Laberge Group to hold off contacting SHPO until we look at other options. He is going to be in contact with a company that makes Heat cable and/or looking into pushing a line under the canal.

Mr. Dennison reported that another of the filter housing for the ROís has a problem, he contacted the company and they said they would repair it but would charge us the shipping.

Mr. Dennison reported that there was a problem with the UV system and he sent the board an email on this issue and when he gets more information he will advise the board at that time.He also stated that this is not a compliance issue, but he is doing samples every 3-4 days to keep an eye on things.

Mr. Dennison recommended to the board to pay the Ross Valve voucher that has been on hold.He stated that the problem has been resolved and he thinks it should now be paid.The board agreed that this voucher be paid at this time.






January 15, 2008

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Old Business:

Outside user not paid:It was reported last month that there was a problem with an outside user and non payment.It was reported that the past due amount has been paid.


Tom Derby 13 Ferry St: There was some discussion on the request for reimbursement of a portion of a water repair bill.Some comments were as followed:Commissioner Pink stated that he felt there was some collateral damage and this is judged on individual basis and thinks $250.00 would be reasonable.Commissioner Colvin stated that he doesnít want to pay anything; he believes it was ready to break and the line was in bad condition.Commissioner Siciliano stated that she is not in favor of reimbursement; she feels the homeowner is responsible to the curb box.Attorney Dixon stated that this is a unique situation and it would be up to board on either way.Mayor Sullivan stated he has benefited already due to the side walk.After this discussion Commissioner Pink made a motion to reimburse Tom Derby $250.00 toward his request, there was no second on this motion, motion denied.It was asked that the Secretary send a letter notifying Mr. Derby of the request being denied.


Snow removal:There was some discussion on snow removal at the water plant.Commissioner Colvin stated he spoke with the Schuylerville DPW and they stated they would help.CWO Dennison stated they have not done any snow removal.Commissioner Colvin stated he would speak to them again.


New Business:

Delta Construction Group request:There was some discussion on a letter that the water board received from Delta Construction and a request to tap into the water system.The letter stated they are investigating the feasibility of building between 23 and 36 units of senior housing adjacent to Morganís Run (west of Chestnut Street).This property is not in either Village, it is in the Town of Saratoga, so these would be considered as outside water users.Attorney Dixon stated that this would be a good opportunity to set up a water district with the Town.He also stated that he would like a copy of this letter and he would be able to address the concerns of the board if needed.There was some discussion on pressure, maintenance of water mains serving the development and the issues of payment and/or recourse for non-payment.Mr. Dixon stated he will prepare something for the next meeting.


Personal Manual Review:Tabled


Public Comment:

Wendy Lukas:asked the board to introduce the new commissioner.George Kahnle, as representation for the Village of Victory.

Ms. Lukas asked CWO Dennison if the UV is down is there more chemicals being added.Mr. Dennison stated no they are watching with the testing.


Executive Session:

Commissioner Pink made a motion to go into executive session for matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation, where as there may or may not be any action taken, and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


After returning from Executive session Commissioner Siciliano made a motion to resume the regular meeting, it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


January 15, 2008

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Commissioner Pink made a motion to change the billing of the legal counsel to reflect 50% to come from the operating budget and 50% to come from the capital improvement budget and it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.


Commissioner Siciliano stated that Commissioner Colvin will now be the liaison to the water plant.Commissioner Colvin stated that his cell phone can be used at any time and his duties are in relation to work related issues in hours, over time and any purchases.




Commissioner Siciliano made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.




Respectfully Submitted




Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary

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