Board of Water Management

January 27, 2009


The Schuylerville Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on Tuesday January 27, 2009 at 7pm in the Village of Victory.


Chairman Colvin led the meeting.

Present:   Chairman Colvin, Commissioners Lloyd, and Pink

Recording Secretary Buchanan

Absent: Commissioner Kahnle



The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 10th in Victory at 7pm.



January 13, 2009 meeting minutes were distributed for approval at the next meeting.


Old Business:  (Personnel Manual)

Chairman Colvin stated that this meeting would be for a discussion on the personnel manual.

The Board went through the manual that was presented by Chairman Colvin one section at a time.

Topic of Discussion:

Vacation time:   the amount of time to be carried over if unused was discussed.

Sick time: discussed along with amount of time and retirement, Chairman Colvin stated he would like to check with the retirement system before any decision is made.

Jury duty: was discussed.

Personal Days: was discussed along with carrying them over if unused.  There was no determination.

Paid Holidays: were discussed.

Health Insurance: was discussed.  Chairman Colvin stated he has been in contact with the Town and they may be able to be included on their policy.  There was a discussion on the health insurance once there is a retirement.

Employee work hours:  There was discussion on the work day, lunch and the over time.

Clothing Allowance:  the amount and the disbursement was discussed.


There were some areas of discussion that were not included in this manual.

Training/License requirements

Expense reimbursement

Monthly employees



Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


Respectfully submitted,

Brenda S. Buchanan

Recording Secretary


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