Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on July 11, 2006 at 6:30pm in Victory.


Present: Chairman Travis Kline, Commissioners Leslie Dennison, Glenn Decker, and Paul Shaver, along with Foreman Mark Dennison.




The second meeting will be Tuesday July 18, 2006 at 7pm in Schuylerville.




Minutes for this meeting were taken by recorder and transcribed by Recording Secretary Brenda Buchanan at a later date.




We received a letter from a water consumer on 8 Ferry Street in relation to installation of a pressure reducing valve and feels itís the responsibility of the water department.After a discussion it was decided that it is not a board responsibility.It was agreed with the entire board.


Treasurerís Report:


It was stated that the treasurerís report would be available at the 2nd meeting for July.There was a discussion on the outside water user contract and execution by outside water users.The board stated they would review this and discuss it at another meeting.


Foreman's Report:


Foreman Dennison stated that he is still receiving numerous complains in Schuylerville.He stated it is due to some cast iron lines, low PH eating away at the pipes, they are flushing hydrants and it will take time to get these all done.Chairman Kline asked if there have been any improvements?Mr. Dennison stated in some areas it is getting better and some are not.He also stated they are continually taking samples and trying different things to figure out problem.Chemical feed pumps were discussed; they seem to be an issue not working to potential.The factory Rep. is coming and will look over pumps.They run about $1,000 each. Chairman Kline asked if this is a design flaw or a pump problem.Foreman Dennison stated they should get some answers when the factory Rep. comes and looks things over.




July 11, 2006

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Foreman Dennison stated that when they had the power outage due to the weather.The telemetry meter at the water tower did not work.The battery backup is only good for 6 hours. At 6am the alarm went off.The tower stopped communicating with the plant.They had to start manually pumping out enough to fill tank.He spoke with an electrician and they are trying to get quick connect to plug in with the auto transfer switch for the generator to work for the tower.


The insulation has been started in the attic of the plant.


Two service line leaks due to pressure, Church St. and Broad St..Both have been repaired, we hired Dwyer to push line under the road for Broad St., it was cheaper than digging up the entire road.


Commissioner Shaver complimented Foreman Dennison on getting thru these issues.


Old Business:



New Business:


Phase II Archaeological Site Examination Cost Proposal:Approval needed for this Capital Improvement Project Cost.This should be the final phase of archaeological investigations for this project as stated by Cynthia Blakemore, SHPO.Andy Black was present and he was also hired to do Phase I.Mr. Black gave his review of what was done on Phase I and the findings.He explained that SHPO required us to have Phase II completed.There was some discussion on his contract and he explained it should not exceed the proposed $18,214.00.Chairman Kline made a motion to accept the contract submitted by Black/Drake Consulting on the basis it would be on not to exceed limit of $18,214.00 and the $1,500.00 for the geomorphologist and it was seconded by Commissioner Dennison, all ayes, motion passed. Chairman Kline asked when the work would be started and Mr. Black replied they would be starting at the beginning of August.


Victory Plant Improvements: Plans and specifications:These plans are available for board review.Mayor Sullivan stated that this is not a new filter system and the engineers should be familiar with this system.Chairman Kline asked if we had a village engineer that could look over these plans to get a second review.Mayor Sullivan stated we donít have one and asked what was Foreman Dennisonís view on this issue.Mr. Dennison stated that this system has been out for years and it should be standard.He recommended that it be reviewed very carefully.Chairman Kline stated he was in the process of reviewing this system and encouraged the board to do the same.He stated he would be getting together with Foreman Dennison to discuss some issues.





July 11, 2006

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Victory Project Status Report:Chairman Kline stated we received a letter from Laberge and it stated where things are at for the plant.It explained that the plans would be completed by 6/31/06, the permit applications will be submitted by 7/7/06, Archeological Phase II is in process and the SEQR is under way.Chairman Kline stated he would contact Mr. Adams on this SEQR because it should be a type two action being we are under consent and being mandated to complete this project.


Minncare purchase from SMGC:Excess project available to purchase from Contract #1 in the amount of $687.50.Chairman Kline asked Foreman Dennison to give an overview of what Minncare is and what it is used for.Mr. Dennison stated that it is a disinfectant for the system, used prior to when the water goes thru.He suggested we talk with Leo Pierce to see if the shelf life is worth purchasing this from Miller.Mayor Sullivan asked if this can be used in the lines in the street and Foreman Dennison stated no.Chairman Kline asked that Mr. Dennison speak to Mr. Pierce and get back to the board with some information on this issue.


Supplement to Application & Water Supply Permit for Victory Water Treatment Plant Improvements.Chairman Kline stated that he was unclear which permits this would involve.He stated he would look into this after the meeting.


Laberge Group: Out of Scope Services:This is an ongoing issue that needs to be discussed.Chairman Kline explained Mayor Sullivan was present to give his overview of this issue.Chairman Kline stated that as we all know the contract states any out of scope services prior to billing for them or doing them they should be approved by the board, what the contract states Phil Dixon agrees with.

Mayor Sullivan stated they need to go thru proper procedure, which they did not.These claims are vague narratives, he asked for these six months ago.Based on what was submitted his opinion we should not pay any of these Out of scope Services.He has a real problem with the extended resident representation portion of the bill for $32,787.77.Mayor Sullivan stated he is not happy with the representation of Ed Davis when he was at the plant.Mayor Sullivan gave an overview of problems with Ed Davis.Another problem he has they are claiming that the project ran 9 months past the original completion date.NiMo was at some fault work stopped for 4 months due to there delay.Laberge says they continued to supply on site representation. He explained there was no work going on at that time.They claimed they were looking for alternative ways to run the plant with the Generator.Wiring would be a problem, because it was not done yet.In his opinion is should not be paid.This is the first RO system Laberge designed, if it was more than $80,000 for on site representation, we should not pay for there education on this project.We are the customer and itís up to them to see this project is done on time.We hired them to be sure this was done.







July 11, 2006

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In addition Chairman Kline had two other points to add. 1) the contract stated we should have a change order which is approved by the board if it does go over the cost of $80,000. 2) These narratives are simple paragraphs that donít outline who did what, how long it look, which person did the work.There is no way to know on what we got.Chairman Kline stated a letter needs to be written, which he will do and consult Phil Dixon, then will get board review and then send to Steve Adams.In his opinion he is very displeased.


Mayor Sullivan stated that this is not a new issue.This happened before with EFC, when Laberge went over on the out of Scope Services. EFC required a new contract we had to go back and make a new contract for that, so it could be funded through EFC.Now they are doing it again.Mayor Sullivan stated that unless they can prove to us other than it took more time, we should not pay these fees.Another issue with Laberge, their 1/3 for the liner.They keep saying they will credit us on the out of scope services.He feels this is not acceptable.EFC wants a check to from them to make it eligible for funding.They have been told this many times and they keep referring to a credit.The contractor paid there 1/3 and we are all set.


There was a discussion on the design of the building.Mayor Sullivan stated that the design was reduced because of the many complaints on the building and the historical area.This is not Laberges fault this was a decision of the water board.


There was a discussion on the insulation error again also.


Mayor Sullivan stated he would like to see Phil Dixon resolve the issue with the Victory Wells.This issue has been on going for a long time and needs to be finalized.He should get a letter that states he needs to be at the next meeting for an update on this issue.


Executive Session:




Chairman Kline made a motion to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Commissioner Dennison, all ayes, motion passed.




Respectfully Submitted



Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary


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