Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on March 20, 2007 at 7:00pm in Schuylerville.


Present: Chairman Paul Shaver, Commissioners Travis Kline, Glenn Decker and Kori Sicialiano.

Foreman Mark Dennison, Recording Secretary Brenda Buchanan.





The second meeting in March will be March 20, 2007 at 7pm in Schuylerville.A reminder that starting in April we will have the meetings the 2nd and 4th Tuesdayís and they will both be at 6:30pm.


New Schedule:


The meetings for April will be April 10th in Victory at 6:30pm

†††††††† and April 24th in Schuylerville also at 6:30pm




Chairman Shaver made a motion to approve the meeting minutes of February 20, 2007, it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.Chairman Shaver requested the minutes be mailed or emailed before the meetings so they can be approved on a more timely manner.


Treasurers Report:


There was a resolution #2007-06 presented for an amendment, which is required to transfer money from the budget between appropriations for those costs associated with administration cost for the capital project and reimbursement for village labor on distribution work.From J8320.1 Distribution, Personal Services in the amount of $8,000.00 to J8310.1 Administration Salaries.Also from J8320.1 Distribution Personal Services in the amount $5,000.00 to J9060.8, Emp. Benefits, Health Insurance.Commissioner Kline made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2007-06 for an amendment change to the budget, and it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.



There was a resolution #2007-07 presented to transfer $15,000.00 to apply to the outstanding voucher, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.This is to authorize a transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.Commissioner Kline made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2007-07 to transfer $15,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.





March 13, 2007

Page two


Chairman Shaver stated that he received some information from the Treasurer in regards to some change order items in order to close out SMGC final payment request.HE stated he received them today and would like time to review them and get Attorney Dixonís opinion on them.He stated he would like to see this on the agenda next week for discussion.


It was stated on the Treasurers report that we received a new proposal on the Anitscalant (Hypersperse) in the amount of $15,480.00.This agreement is a savings from last year ($18,000) representing a savings of $2,520.00.According to Ray Piasick the contract will be sent to Phil Dixon for his review.This Antiscalant is from GE Betz.Mayor Sullivan asked if we received any other quotes from companies.Foreman Dennison stated he doesnít know of any other company that has this available.Commissioner Kline asked if the monthly visits needed to happen and if they were happening.Foreman Dennison stated they have not been happening and they donít really need to happen every month.He contacts them when he has questions and they have been available to help.Foreman Dennison stated that this plant can not run without this chemical so the contract really needs to be continued.Chairman Shaver stated that we could speak with them about he monthly visits and approve the contract not to exceed the $15,480.00.Commissioner Kline made a motion to approve the contract not to exceed $15,480.00 and see about getting this possibly lowered through negotiations on the monthly visits, it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.Mayor Sullivan asked about if we use less chemicals if we still pay for the full amount.It was explained that this monthly fee includes the chemicals and it does not matter how much chemical we use.


Foremanís Report:

Foreman Dennison explained the problem with the filter housing for RO No.2.It had a rupture at the seam near the base of the housing.He shut down the plant and inspected the filter housing and noticed a four inch crack along a weld joint at the base of this housing.Due to the fact that the RO can not run without the pre-filter housing, this machine was placed out of service.Foreman Dennison stated he took pictures and a description of the problem was sent via email to Pam Miller with a request to notify Leo Pearce c/o GE Osmonics.†† Chairman Shaver stated he and Mayor Sullivan had a conference call with Pam Miller and Mr. Pearce.It was determined that the filter housing will be removed and shipped to the manufacturer for repairs.During this time the RO No. 2 will be flushed every 48 hours to prevent any contamination to form on the membrane filters.He stated that if a problem were to occur with RO No. 1 they would take the canister housing off RO1 and move to RO2 to run the plant which is about a 3 hour process.


Foreman Dennison stated that he and Dave Coffinger attended a New York State Rural Water course titled: Confined spaces & Competent Person for Trenching & Excavation.He stated that he has implemented some changes since this class and plans on getting our Trench Box in service.Foreman Dennison stated that we have one that is a bit rusty because it has been outside for many years.He stated he is going to get it back in service once it is cleaned up.He explained if they can not use the trench box they do have sloping procedures that they will follow.Foreman Dennison stated that he and Dave Coffinger also attended a New York Rural Water Course titled: Corrosion Control Optimization.He stated that the purpose of this course was to describe corrosion treatment techniques commonly utilized by systems.PH/Alkalinity adjustments and phosphate inhibitors, discussed the theories and concepts of chemical stability that can optimize corrosion treatment, demonstrated how to maintain performance requirements at the treatment plant and distribution system and how to develop a corrosion control plan.This course provided a better understanding on what may be causing some of the problems with our system.


March 13, 2007

Page three


Foreman Dennison reported they received a report of a frozen service line for a resident on 1 Tow Path Rd.This problem appears to be on the distribution side or an area located on Saratoga Street.We may have to expose this area for thawing procedures.Customer has been without water since Sunday March 11th.Mayor Sullivan asked how they determined itís in the road.Foreman Dennison stated that this has happened before in this same area.


Foreman Dennison stated that Schuylerville DPW Supervisor Hugh Bruce has requested a meeting with him.The purpose of this meeting is to establish a tentative schedule for distribution work in the village.He also explained he has been requested to represent the water department and to serve on the committee for the town emergency response plan.Mr. Dennison explained he took the required training and has his certificate for this NIMS program.Chairman Shaver explained he endorses Foreman Dennison as a member of that committee.


Commissioner Decker asked Foreman Dennison about the inquiry that occurred at the water plant.Mayor Sullivan stated that this is an executive session issue that should not be discussed in open forum.Commissioner Decker asked Foreman Dennison if it was investigated and reported by him and is OSHA required to be notified.Foreman Dennison stated that he did investigate this inquiry and that OSHA is not required to be contacted on this issue.Chairman Shaver stated that the village was notified and the insurance company was also notified.Commissioner Decker stated he wanted to be sure it was reported because this could lead to more action.Chairman Shaver explained that the paperwork has been referred to the attorneyís office due to some confusion.


Commissioner Decker also asked Foreman Dennison why he did not get a return call from a message that was left for him.Foreman Dennison stated the message was left on his personnel cell phone and he does not always answer that phone when he has work problems.He gave Mr. Decker his water cell phone number and explained that he apologized for not getting back to him, but if he would leave a message on his water phone in the future he will be sure to return any calls.Foreman Dennison stated that there was a procedure listing done about 3-4 years ago stating what to do and who to call if he was unavailable.This needs to be revised.



Old Business:

Condensation problem:This issue was discussed and Chairman Shaver stated that now that the out of scope services issue is settled we can deal with other issues that are still going on. There was a discussion on who should buy the dehumidifier for the plant.Commissioner Kline stated he thinks it would be cheaper if we get it ourselves.There was discussion on if this was a budget item from the O&M budget or the project money.Chairman Shaver stated that the first choice would be project money but this would have to be cleared with EFC.It was stated that the bolts are another issue that needs to be dealt with.It was stated that Miller did what the contract called for so we need to take this up with the designer of the building, which is Laberge.


Victory Plans:We received Foreman Dennisonís notes on the plans for Victory Plant.Chairman Shaver asked that this be put on the agenda for the last time at the next meeting.We need to get some suggestions to Laberge as soon as we can.Commissioner Kline stated he read over Foreman Dennisonís notes and he wanted to make note he did a great job.




March 13, 2007

Page four


Easton Property:Commissioner Decker stated that the Schuylerville Attorney contacted him and the resolution for the Easton property should be passed at the Village of Schuylerville meeting tomorrow night.


New Business:


Salls, 16 University St.A letter was received to request reduction in units. They closed the hair saloon.They currently are paying 4 units.The building consists of house, 2 apartments, and the business.They are requesting the units be changed to show the business closed.Chairman Shaver made a motion to approve the request to reduce the units from 4 to 3 starting this billing and it was seconded by Commissioner Kline, all ayes, motion passed.


Equipment:Commissioner Decker stated that as of April 1st the Village of Schuylerville will be charging for the use of their equipment.Chairman Shaver asked Commissioner Decker to take back to the Schuylerville meeting the consideration of the date change to co-inside with the budget year, June 1, 2007.Mr. Decker stated he would and didnít think this would be a problem.Commissioner Decker made a motion for the water board to charge for the use of equipment also.There was discussion of charging not being in the IMA and the attorney is looking into this issue.Chairman Shaver stated that the attorney will be at the next meeting and we will get an update at that time.This motion was not seconded and it did not carry.Mr. Decker provided a copy of the NYDOT pricing sheet to Chairman Shaver for consideration on this issue.Foreman Dennison asked if it would be the actual usage or the time having the equipment.That was yet to be determined.Mayor Sullivan asked to define equipment.Commissioner Decker stated trucks only and there was a discussion on motor equipment.This was not yet determined.


Lead Agency:Commissioner Decker stated that the Village of Schuylerville was discussing the issue of taking over lead agency as of June 1, 2007. Chairman Shaver asked when they would know.Commissioner Decker stated he would let them know as soon as they have a definite decision.


Jim Miers was present and he stated that there is still a lot of debri in the system.†† At the Dove Gate, he put on a filter on Friday night and by Sunday night is was clogged.They fill water pictures only on this faucet.†† He also stated that this has all new copper piping.


Cleaning the backhoe:Commissioner Decker wanted to state that it is very important to clean out the backhoe after loading salt.


Gate and Fence:Commissioner Decker wanted to state that we need to be very careful with the gate and fence down at the state area, where the salt is stored for the villages.We donít want to jeopardize the use of the area.


Auditing Bills:

After the review of this months vouchers, Chairman Shaver made a motion to approve the vouchers which will be included with abstract #10 and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.





March 13, 2007

Page five




Executive Session:


Chairman Shaver made a motion to go into executive session for matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation, where as there may or may not be any action taken, and it was seconded by Commissioner Kline, all ayes, motion passed.


After returning from Executive session Chairman Shaver made a motion to resume the regular meeting, it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.




Chairman Shaver made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted




Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary


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