Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on May 27, 2008 at 7pm in the Village of Schuylerville.


Present: Commissioners Kori Siciliano, Whitney Colvin, Douglas Pink, and George Kahnle.

Recording Secretary Buchanan, and Trustee Dennison from the Village of Victory.


Commissioner Colvin led the meeting.




After a discussion on the meeting dates, it was determined to have only one meeting for the month of June.  Commissioner Colvin made a motion to have one meeting on the 24th of June at 7pm in the Village of Victory and it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.






Treasurer’s Report:


There was a resolution #2007-38 presented to transfer $20,000.00 to apply to the outstanding vouchers, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.  This is to authorize a transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.  Commissioner Pink made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2007-38 to transfer $20,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


Operational Items:  

Insurance: Terrorism Coverage: Waiting for the cost of coverage.


Phosphates: JEM Enterprises reports that the cost of the phosphates will increase and in some cases, double.  Therefore we have recently purchased 8) 30 gallons drums of Aqua pure. 


Sodium Hydroxide Liquid 50%: Price increase of $.1913/lb.


Antiscalant (Hypersperse) Agreement:  Effective May 18, 2008 GE will implement a 9% materials adjustment on products and services.  I will however, check into whether they can implement for the agreement since it does not state that it is subject to change.



Capital Improvement Project: 

Contract Addendum with Engineering Contract:  This item is still pending as the contract addendum has not been received to date.  As you recall this would be for the current engineering contract, to include expenses approved and paid by the water board without the official contract addendum.




May 27, 2008

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New Contract for Laberge Group:  A letter was discussed that was dated May 21, 2008 requesting a new contract for engineering for Laberge Group.  The letter explains the need as requested by EFC in cooperation with Fiscal Advisors going forward, that would include two pending invoices to remain on hold until an executed contract has been reviewed and approved, through the close of this project.  This would be Contract #3 with Laberge Group.


Status of Laberge Group Additional Engineering Services:  It was requested by the treasurer to make an official motion to either approve and or deny.  This was the letter that was received with the range between $3,000 to $5,000 for additional engineering services.  Commissioner Colvin stated he will speak to Mr. Adams because he would like an exact amount.  After some discussion on the areas of question Commissioner Siciliano made a motion to deny the cost of the additional engineering services and it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.


Filter Tank Modification:  A change order was approved last month, not to exceed $4,800.00.  This change order #2, WM Schultz has been received in the amount of $4,790.76.  Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to approve this change order in the amount of $4,790.76 and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


Alternative Mennen Road Water Main Relocation: This issue came up requesting to relocate the water main from the center of Mennen Road as projected in the plans, to the south side of Mennen Road. It was stated by Steve Adams, Laberge Group, that this would reduce the need to close the road down and repair that side of the road.  However, it was determine by Whitney Colvin to keep to the original plans since Victory Foreman Lloyd speculates sewer main is on the south side of Mennen Road.  There was some discussion as there has been no formal request so no action needs to be taken at this time.  Commissioner Colvin stated he would speak to Steve Adams on this issue.


BAN Maturity June 4, 2008:  Principle amount due it $927,466. (without interest)  It is hopeful that our reimbursement request of $936,883.63 will be approved and we will be able to pay off the BAN in full and not have to renew.  In the event EFC does not approve all of the expenses as submitted, due to further information and approval coming at a later date, the water board would apply the remainder amount for the capital to get the principle paid off.  The interest would still be “paid” by the villages on the 76%/24% ration and then reimbursed by the water department.


Chief Water Operator’s Report:


There was a written report submitted as followed. 

-- There was another leak over at the Rooney property on County Rt. 113.  He reported that he had to shut off the water to Rooney’s and the occupants at the former Some Place Else Restaurant.  The shut off was buried under a large pile of brush, logs, etc. on the Sullivan Property.  This was removed by Mr. Dennison with the backhoe. The Rooney’s are making an effort to repair late today or tonight and I will need to go over when they are finished to inspect and turn the water back on.  This may require minimum amount of overtime.

-- Mr. Dennison reported that the gas line to the generator at the water tower was repaired.  He reconfigured the plumbing and had to raise the generator.  He reported that he plans on securing this generator or to tie it down so the unit will not walk or become unstable when he can find some free time.





May 27, 2008

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-- Mr. Dennison stated that they have several broken curb boxes in the villages that need to be repaired.  He has been on several calls recently that had leaking galvanized plumbing in their homes and we could not shut off the water due to malfunction curb valves.  These would need to be repaired as soon as possible.  There was some discussion on this request.  Commissioner Colvin made a motion to approve the purchase of 4 curb boxes that can be installed by our employees or village employees, and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.  It was also decided that these will not be contracted out without prior board approval.  If the work can not be completed by our staff it will need to have quotes and prior approval before anyone outside is brought in to do this work.

-- Mr. Dennison reported that the village DPW’s recently have been flushing hydrants, we used a borrowed demo hydro-hitch for flushing problem areas in the Village of Schuylerville.  This operation prevented erosion of private property and the spraying of water in high traffic areas.  He recommended the purchase of one of these units.  Highest quoted price so far is $1,122.00 and he stated he is still looking for more quotes.  It was asked by the board to get more quotes before a decision would be made to purchase such a unit.

-- It was reported that Chlorine analyzer was repaired.

-- It was reported by Chief Myers of the Schuylerville Fire Dept. to Mr. Dennison that they will be conducting flow testing of targeted hydrants in Schuylerville May 29th, Thursday eve.  He also stated that he will put out signed on the streets where these hydrants will be tested.


Old Business:


Personnel Manual:  no update


Hiring of Employee:  This was tabled until Executive session as the board is preparing to make an offer to a prospective employee.


Paving of the Driveway:  There was some discussion on the paving of the victory plant driveway.  There was discussion on where the money would come from and if it needed to go out to bid.  This issue was tabled for further discussion. 


New Business: 




Public Comment:


Wendy Lukas asked if she could get a copy of the water budget.  Commissioner Colvin gave his copy to her.  She also asked that if someone was not available to attend the meeting, if it was still the practice to get an alternate.  It was stated that that is the normal procedure.  Ms. Lukas asked why there was a problem with the Mennen road area.  It was stated that there was no water line to main from Victory Plant so it was necessary for them to install one.  Ms. Lukas stated that she appreciated the questing of things when it comes to the Laberge Group, as they promised not to nickel and dime us when we first started working with them.


Commissioner Colvin asked when the minutes to the last meeting will be available.  The secretary stated that they will be to the commissioners by next week.




May 27, 2008

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Executive Session: 


Commissioner Siciliano made a motion to go into executive session for matters leading to the appointment, employment, promotion, demotion, discipline, suspension, dismissal or removal of a particular person or corporation, where as there may or may not be any action taken, and it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.


After returning from Executive session Commissioner Pink made a motion to resume the regular meeting, it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.


Commissioner Siciliano stated that they have a candidate for employment at the rate of $15.00 per hour full time and they will be contacting this candidate as soon as possible.





Commissioner Colvin made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, motion passed.





Respectfully Submitted





Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary


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