Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on October 10, 2006 at 6:30pm in Victory.


Present: Chairman Travis Kline, Commissioners Paul Shaver, and Glenn Decker, Foreman Mark Dennison, Mayor Sullivan, and Recording Secretary Brenda Buchanan

Absent: Commissioner from Victory.




The second meeting, which is our public comment meeting, will be Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 at 7pm in Schuylerville.




September 12th & 27th were presented for approval for next meeting.

September 19th will be available prior to meeting, ready for approval for next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:


There was a resolution #2006-18 presented to transfer $15,000.00 to apply to the outstanding voucher, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.  This is to authorize a transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.  Chairman Kline made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2006-18 to transfer $15,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.



Foreman's Report:


Foreman Dennison stated there was a water break on Ferry Street above Broad St.  This was an old 2 ½” lead pipe off an 8” cast iron main.  The actual break was heading down the alley which feed the old Hotel, which was capped many years ago.  Most of the time was spent dealing with the elements of the weather.  The pumps were not sufficient, which is another example of the need to get a better pump.  Commissioner Shaver stated he would like to commend the workers on this job for a good job done, it rained all day and to have to deal with that on top a repair is cause to commend the workers.


Foreman Dennison stated that GE will be sending in a field Tech’s on Thursday and Friday concerning the RO’s, the clean in place process.  He reported they had problems when they cleaned the RO’s, they had to shut down one.




Oct. 10, 2006

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North Broad Street:  They were unable to expose shut off due to the traffic. Foreman Dennison reported he went behind the Corsetti house and he did find the shut off.  After shutting if off, water continued to come out so it was determined the break must be prior to that shut off.  He explained that some of the homes on that street are heated with boilers, so to shut the whole street would affect the heat.  He explained he didn’t know how the board wanted to go ahead with this issue.  He explained he is all alone at the plant this week and he had a concern on the insurance issue for this problem.  He wanted to make sure he was covered in the case of a law suit if the water was in fact shut off.  Chairman Kline stated he was with the understanding that he would be covered just as an employee of either village would be.  Commissioner Decker asked about the number of galloons we are losing on that leak.  Foreman Dennison stated it was 100,000 per week, based on a formula from the AWWA.  This is figured by the pressure and the size of the leak.  He stated with a pressure of 60lbs and ¼” leak in a 24 hr period we are losing 20,000 a day.  He stated that we are close to 100 PSI now and it actually could be more we are losing.  Commissioner Decker stated he had gotten some calls from people in that area.  He spoke with Mr. Mathis and he stated the well has been drilled.  He stated he offered to help Mr. Mathis fix this leak with no offers.  He went on to ask if anyone has spoken with our attorney on this issue.   Chairman Kline stated he was at the last meeting when this was discussed.  Commissioner Shaver asked if we could try to shut this water off at the Corsetti house, so we don’t affect so many people.  Foreman Dennison stated he would shut it off on the street, but he needs someone to watch traffic.  Chairman Kline stated he would like to see if we can attempt to shut off the water at the Corsetti house first, he also stated he is not backing down on this shut off.  Chairman Kline asked Commissioner Shaver to contact the residents at the Corsetti house and see if they can schedule a time they will be home to try to get this water shut off.


Foreman Dennison stated that the leak at the Salley home on Burgoyne Street is scheduled to be fixed on Saturday and the letter states we will shut them off on Friday.  Chairman Kline stated he doesn’t understand why they fix the leaks after the shut off notice or schedule for after the shut off.  He went on to say it will be ok to have this leak fixed on Saturday.  Keep the board updated if this leak is not repaired.


Foreman Dennison stated that the blend of Poly phosphates have been introduced to the system.  1.5 per liter for 6 months then reduce to 1.0 per liter or based on 300,000 a day.  He stated he is already seeing results at the plant.  He stated that the guys flushing the hydrants are also seeing results. 


Foreman Dennison stated we will need to be taking samples for lead and copper in the water.  DOH determines which homes to draw from, we leave the bottle and then come back to pick up, then they are shipped to the lab.  These same homes were done in the past.








Oct. 10, 2006

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Reported water leaks unresolved.

85 Gates Ave. Victory-Gonzaley.  Water leak notified resident on Oct. 4, 06, still not repaired.  Jack Jennings of Victory spoke with resident, he states plumber is coming Friday the 13th.


104 Burgoyne Road: Chairman Kline asked Foreman Dennison if he had an update on this issue.  He stated that there is a wet spot, possibly a leak.  Chairman Kline stated he would go take a look at this area for a possible leak.


61 Gates Ave.  Foreman Dennison stated that they need to fix a cracked value in the back. 


Commissioner Decker asked about non emergency repairs and his plans for hydrants that need to be repaired.  Foreman Dennison stated he has 2 hydrants on Pearl Street that need to be replaced.  He is having a tough time scheduling these repairs because of Dave Coffinger’s schedule.  The one in front of the church can not be used at all.  It has a cracked barrel.  The other one on the corner of Burgoyne and Pearl needs to be packed with lead, there is a connector problem.  If there was a fire there would be enough other hydrants to use, there is not danger.



Old Business:


Schoman, 157 Rt. 4, Schuylerville.  Unresolved payment issue/easement.  Chairman Kline stated he would try to contact this owner and see if he could come to a meeting and get this resolved.  It was suggested we have the attorney address this issue because of non performance.


Hot dog Stand, Owner Jim Miers, Use Unit in question.  Chairman Kline asked Commissioner Decker to address this issue because last month we asked him to speak to the owner.  Commissioner Decker stated he spoke with Mr. Miers and his response was he pays enough at the motel for the amount of water used and he shouldn’t have to pay more for a garden hose.  Mr. Decker made reference to our policy’s and procedures it stated we charge a restaurant 2 units, I feel we should stick with that rule.  All fair is 2 units then and if he disconnects we can revise his billing.  Commissioner Decker made a motion to charge the Hot dog stand a restaurant fee of 2 units and it was seconded by Commissioner Shaver, all ayes, motion passed.  The time frame was discussed and decided to charge this rate as of September 1, 2006.


Condensation Problem:  Chairman Kline stated he has two calls into engineers and he is waiting there response.  He stated he is looking into an engineer for two reasons, first how to fix this problem and second, if this is a design flaw or not.  Mayor Sullivan stated he spoke with Steve Adams on this issue and it will be brought back up at the meeting they are going to have with Laberge to discuss several issues.


Outside Engineering Firm:    Chairman Kline stated he has contacted two firms that Phil Dixon recommended and two he knew but is waiting to speak with someone from Gutlow Associates.  Mayor Sullivan stated he will put a call in tomorrow to get this arranged.



Oct. 10, 2006

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Minncare purchased from SMGC:  Chairman Kline stated he spoke with Pam Miller and the price stands, because there is no markup on this product, it is at wholes price already.


Plaque: The size was up for discussion due to the limited amount of wording going on the plaque.  It was decided to be 24” x 18” to be put closest to the door as possible.  Commissioner Shaver made a motion to approve the 24” x 18” and the placement near the door, it was seconded by Chairman Kline, all ayes, motion passed.


New Business: 


The financials for 2005 & 2006 were discussed.  This is the year end AUD that needs to be complete for each fiscal year.  Chairman Kline made a motion to hire the same firm of fiscal advisors that did the previous years, for the years ending 2005 & 2006, and it was seconded by Commissioner Shaver, all ayes, motion passed.


Executive Session: 






Chairman Kline made a motion to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.





Respectfully Submitted



Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary


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