Board of Water Management

October 21, 2008


The Schuylerville Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on Tuesday October 21, 2008 at 7pm in the Village of Victory.


Chairman Colvin led the meeting.


Present:   Chairman Colvin, Commissioners Kahnle, Lloyd, and Pink.

Recording Secretary Buchanan, Mayor Sullivan



November meetings were discussed.  November 18th in Schuylerville at 7pm was determined.  The 1st meeting is a Holiday and the second meeting will be too close to Thanksgiving.



Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to approve the 9/9, 9/23, and the 9/29/2008 meeting minutes and they were seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.


James Stanton from Vellano Brothers:

Mr. Stanton gave an overview of the meters available.  He also discussed the radio that would transmitt the information to the computer.  A Laptop system was also discussed


Mayor Sullivan asked about installing meters in an area, any figure that could give us an idea of general expense.  Mr. Stanton explained that the installation cost is about 100-150 each home, plus plumbing cost.  This does not include the meter, which are about $180.00 for the meter.  This is an estimate the costs could go either way up or down.  It all depends on the homes current pipes.


Cost of the meter reading equipment is approximately $12,000 with software and 2 days of training, this is a hand held reader.  For about $20,000, you can get a bigger unit with a laptop system.


Mr. Stanton explained that they do not install but they have a lot of companies that they deal with.


Mark Dennison stated that we have about 140 badgers meters out there already and he asked if they can be fitted.  Mr. Stanton explained, yes they can be fitted.   He explained the Life expectancy is about 20 years.  Batteries are in the heads and they are hard wired in and they seem to last longer.


Treasurer’s Report:

There was a resolution #2008.2009-12 presented to transfer $10,000 to apply to the outstanding vouchers, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.  This is to authorize the transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.  Commissioner Pink made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2008.2009-12 to transfer $10,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.




October 21, 2008

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There was a resolution #2008.2009-13 a budget transfer is required in order to transfer money between appropriations for those costs associated with the reimbursement for workers compensation/disability coverage related to the labor reimbursement to both villages.

From J9035.8 , Emp. Benefits, Medicare to J9040.8, Emp. Benefits, DSL/Comp. in the amount of $150.00.  Commissioner Pink authorized the treasurer to transfer within the budget as stated to reconcile the appropriations and it was seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.


Capital Improvement Project:

Project identification Plaque;  It was reported that a letter was sent to Laberge Group confirming to stick with the original plaque and installation on the pedestal.


Verizon Phone line service:  four new phone lines have been installed and are outlined as per the letter attached and as sent to Steve Adams, Stilsing electric and mark Dennison.


Correspondence on the cost of the culvert change order:  there was some discussion on the pending change order with WM Schultz Construction concerning the culvert pipes.  There was a meeting that stated the cost would be cost and materials about $1,000 with us providing the pipes.  The change order was for $6,000.  Laberge reviewed it and said about $3,200.  No action needed at this point.


Industrial discharge permit:  This permit is pending from VOS.  All information had been previously submitted at the time the Fort hardy permit was granted.  The actual permit was not issued for the Victory WTP and needs to be in place before discharging into the force sewer main.    It was also stated that the permit for the Fort Hardy plant is due to expire April 6, 2009 and that we are required to request renewal 180 days prior to the expiration date.  Mayor Sullivan asked Chairman Colvin the status of this permit that is needed.  Mr. Colvin stated he had no idea, and he would look into this.


Lab equipment payment:  Per section 11365 laboratory Equipment – 2.4 Extra Materials of choice, it was determined that WM Schultz construction provide a check in the amount of $500.00 to the water board instead of providing products equal to $500 for the Victory Plant.


Additional items to purchase for Victory WTP:  It was reported that the Chief Water Operator provided a list of items required and to be in place prior to beginning start up to distribution.  The treasurer is in contact with fiscal advisors to see if these costs are reimbursable expenses.  She will let the board know when they have made a determination.


Victory WTP driveway:   It was reported that Fiscal Advisors stated that since it was originally in the bid as a deductible alternative and the water board chose to deduct at the time of the award, it more than likely would be considered an eligible expense with through change order with contract 1 or sent out to bid. 


Well pumps:  Correspondence from Smith Well Drilling states that there is an imbalance on the windings of the submersible pumps.  The two 7 ½ HP 200 volt 3 –phase Franklin motors require a balance of less than 5%.  If the imbalance remains the same at around 9%, it could ultimately lead to tripping and shortened motor life.  Mayor Sullivan stated he spoke with Steve Adams and they were not aware of an imbalance and he is looking into this.




October 21, 2008

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Bollards:  There was some discussion on the letter that was received from Laberge Group in response to Phil Dixon’s letter requesting them to bear the cost of constructing the three new bollards.  Mayor Sullivan asked Attorney Dixon where we stood on this issue.   He stated that as long as you have not paid them fully you can withhold the amount to put them in.  He suggested you could also get an independent engineer to take a look and give you a letter stating so. 


Liquidated damages/Substantial Completion:  there was some discussion on the original project completion date and the extended project completion date.


Acceptance of the Victory Water Treatment Plant:  There was some discussion on when the board will accept the building and go to distribution.  No date at this time was determined.


Foreman’s Report:

Mr. Dennison stated he has been working on the letter from DOH and their report.  He stated that a letter is needed from the board on what the intention is for the water storage and low pressure in some areas.  This was requested to be in by the end of November to say where we stand on the punch list.  Mr. Dennison stated can do the water plant things but the water storage issue must be addressed by the board.


Victory Plant Rehab:

There were bids received that were requested from the last meeting for the paving of the Victory Plant.  They were opened and read as followed:

Town Construction and Paving—36,908

Kabricky—27,522.41 recycled binder or $30,207 new binder

Pregent –39,400.00

Paying with operating budget or with the project money was discussed.

There was some discussion on the Public biding process, which is for anything over 20,000.  Mayor Sullivan asked Attorney Dixon if he could speak to Schultz about giving a bid and subcontracting this out.  Mr. Dixon explained that this should come from someone representing the board, as an attorney can seem threatening.   Mr. Dixon explained that there is a 10 day bidding process.  There was some discussion that the Asphalt plants are due to close Nov. 15th.  It was stated that if it went out to bid tomorrow, this should get advertised long enough to be covered under the bidding process.  Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to pave the Victory water plant driveway and put this out for the official bidding process, and this was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.  Mayor Sullivan explained he would contact Schultz and see if they can put in a bid for the driveway.


Old Business:

Personnel manual:

Chairman Colvin distributed a simple personnel manual that he came up with and also and one they have been working on it.  He asked all the members to read these over and next month they can have a discussion and possibly a decision.




October 21, 2008

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Hiring of employee:

Waiting for personnel manual before we proceed, this was tabled.



There were three quotes received for the Victory plant having some tree’s removed and a few at the Fort Hardy water Plant, they are as followed.

These are for the Victory Plant

Tree Masters--$1,600.00

Adirondack Tree Surgens--$1,450.00


There are some dead ash tree’s at the Fort Hardy Plant.

Tree Master $1,700.00


Adirondack Tree Surgens-- $1,500.00


Lowest Adirondack

Commissioner Kahnle made a  motion to accept the low bid on each of the water plants and go with Adirondack Tree Surgens and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.  Commissioner Lloyd stated that we must receive a copy of insurance before they start work.


Letter to Dave Roberts which was discussed at the last meeting.  Chairman Colvin read the letter and gave it to the Secretary to type up so it can be sent out.  Chairman Colvin asked to be notified once it was done, so it can be signed.


19 Broad Street was discussed as it was also discussed at the last meeting.  It was determined to have 9 apartments and 1 laundry room.  After a discussion Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to charge 10 units to this property and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


New Business:

Water Plant Cell Phone:  Mayor Sullivan was inquiring on why we pay for text messaging for a cell phone we do not own, when we do own a second cell phone not in use.  Mr. Dennison explained that it was approved months ago that we would pay for his text messaging.  Why he is not using the second cell is because he was using the battery charger because his was not working.   Mr. Dennison stated he needs to upgrade.  They are getting shot, batteries are not keeping charge.  Mayor Sullivan stated we are paying for 2 and we may need to get a 3rd phone.  It was suggested that Mr. Dennison upgrade these two phone as soon as you he can.  Mr. Dennison asked if the board would pay for the voucher that is outstanding with the text messaging for Mr. Derby.  Chairman Colvin stated they would pay for the voucher, but the new phone needs to go to Mr. Derby and we will no longer pay for texting on his personal phone. 




October 21, 2008

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Business Credit Card:  Commissioner Lloyd asked for a discussion on this issue so anyone traveling does not have to pay ahead and wait for reimbursement on expenses.  This would be for gas, food and overnight accommodations.  After a discussion it was determined to come up with other options.  Possibly a petty cash account, we could set up a per diem, per day, $50.00 a day possibly. It was asked that the Treasurer come up with some other alternatives.


Public Comment:



Executive Session:




Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.






Respectfully submitted,




Brenda S. Buchanan

Recording Secretary


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