October 24, 2007 - 7:30 PM




1.      Call Meeting to Order

2.      Roll Call

3.      Approval of Minutes from September 26, 2007

4.      Applicants:


 Special Use Permit


Michael J. Galvin, DVM

335 Rushmore Ave.

Mamaroneck, NY  10543

S/B/L 156.-1-2.11  Rural Residential


Returning Applicant proposes to build a horse surgical hospital and rehabilitation stable on this 13+/- acre parcel, located at 941 Rt. 29, Saratoga, NY.  This project will require the construction of three buildings including the main building, referred to as the horse surgical hospital that will be up to 3500 SQ. FT; additional horse stalls will be located in the second building that will be up to 1200 SQ. FT; and the third will be a hay and storage barn, which will be up to 750 SQ. FT.  Future expansion of this project may include adding onto the horse hospital facilities and development of a single-family house at the north end of the paddock area.  Public Hearing


 Major Subdivision


Willard Chamberlain Trust

143 Circular St.

Saratoga Springs, NY  12866

S/B/L 155-1-46.11/46.2/46.3


Returning Applicant proposes a 28-lot subdivision (minimum lot size is 40,000 SQ FT), named Schuyler Hills on Rt. 29.  The parcel is 89.74+/- acres, of which 37.447 acres will remain open space.  Public Hearing


Sketch Plan Conference


Robert Park

57 Trombley Rd.

Stillwater, NY  12170

S/B/L 193-1-23.11  Rural District 2


Applicant is proposing to subdivide a 5+/- acre parcel from his 56.80 acres for a single-family dwelling.








Lot Line Adjustment

Michael & Kelly Booth

104 Condon Rd.

Stillwater, NY  12170

S/B/L 193-1-7.2  Rural Residential


Applicant is seeking a lot line adjustment.  Patricia F. Dooley, mother-in-law, is conveying 5+/- acres from her 28 acre parcel, to her son-in-law and daughter’s adjoining 7.2 acre parcel.



 Reviewing Renewable Special Use Permits


Kimberly Wilbur & Donald Neubauer

57 Pryn Hill Rd.

Mechanicville, NY  12188

S/B/L 183.-1-31.1


This is a special use permit to operate a marina on their property at 882 Rt. 4 S., Schuylerville.  It was determined that there will be room for 16 boats, so 24 parking spaces would be made available, based on a need for approximately 1˝ parking spaces per boat.  No restriction on hours of operation will be necessary.  There will be no more than 16 trailers on site at any given time, no more than 16 boats stored at any given time, and no more than 16 boats stored over the winter.


Jeffrey & Deborah Dooley

111 Condon Rd.

Stillwater, NY  12170

S/B/L 193.-1-7.3


This is a Special Use Permit to operate a home industry on their property for a boat storage facility on their 4.6+/- acre lot. 


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The next meeting will be held November 28, 2007


Meeting adjourned


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