Board of Water Management

October 30, 2008


Special Meeting



The Schuylerville Victory Board of Water Management held a special meeting on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 7pm in the Village of Victory.


Commissioner Pink led the meeting


Present:    Commissioners Kahnle, Lloyd, and Pink, Recording Secretary Buchanan, Mayor Sullivan, Treasurer Kemmet

Absent: Chairman Colvin



Bollards:  At the last meeting there was a discussion on the placement of the bollards at the Victory Plant, but no decision was made on how to proceed. Mayor Sullivan explained that we should ask Attorney Dixon to write a letter in response to Laberge’s letter.  There was a discussion on not being in agreement with their recent letter on who’s responsible for the bollards.  Mayor Sullivan explained the history of the bollards.

Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to have Attorney Dixon write a letter to Laberge and let them know we are not in agreement with their letter and that we will be hiring someone to put in the bollards in the appropriate places and we will be taking this cost off their last bill, this motion was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.


Startup request:  There was a letter requesting the water board to provide permission to Shultz to place the victory plant in service to allow a full commissioning of the plant.  DOH has offered permission to put the plant in service.  The request allows the plant to be placed in service understanding additional work may be outstanding.  There also was an email received from Laberge confirming that the Certificate of substantial completion will not be issued until demonstration, training and remaining performance sampling is satisfactorily completed and a final walk through with Water board representative is conducted.  This is yet to be scheduled.

DOH said it’s ok to test November 5th, 2008.  Commissioner Lloyd made a motion to allow Shultz to put the victory water system on line on November 5 for testing, demonstration and training, this motion was seconded by Commissioner Kahnle, all ayes, motion passed.


Industrial Use Permit. There was a discussion that Attorney Dixon talked with the Attorney from Schuylerville and all looks ok and they will provide to village, then to the water board by the first part of next week.




Oct. 30, 2008

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Materials, supplies, and OSHA compliant items for the Victory WTP:  There was a request from Mark Dennison for some supplies and tools.  He stated that it is imperative that the majority of these items be ordered and to be on site for when the training is scheduled.  Treasurer Kemmet explained that she would like to apply the $500.00 toward the supplies from Shultz.  This was the amount of lab equipment payment that was required by Shultz, per section 11365 laboratory equipment 2.4 extra materials of choice.  The total equipment and tools equals $6,064.69 and with the $500.00 from Shultz the total expense that is being requested is $5,564.69.  Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to approve the total $6,064.69 for all supplies and tools for the victory plant that is being requested, and the $500.00 to apply to this expense and it was seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.




Victory Plant Paving Bids:  There was an advertisement in the designated paper for bids for the paving of the Victory Plant, which ended today.  There were four bids received and they read as followed:


Pregent Paving from Ballston Spa for $39,400

Towne Construction & Paving Co. from Schenectady for $36,908

Delsignore Blacktop Paving, Inc. from Troy for $31,950

Kubricky Construction from Glens Falls for $27,522 with recycled Binder & top and $30,212 with new binder & top.


Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to accept low bid from Kubricky Construction for $30,212 for new binder and top, this motion was seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.




Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.



Respectfully submitted,



Brenda S. Buchanan

Recording Secretary


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