Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on September 12, 2006 at 6:30pm in Schuylerville.


Present: Chairman Travis Kline, Commissioners Paul Shaver, and Glenn Decker, Foreman Mark Dennison, Mayor Sullivan, and Recording Secretary Brenda Buchanan

Absent: Commissioner from Victory.




The second meeting, which is our public comment meeting, will be Tuesday, September 19th, 2007 at 7pm also in Schuylerville.




July 11th, July 18th, August 8th and August 15th were presented for review to be approved at the next meeting.


Treasurerís Report:




Foreman's Report:


Foreman Dennison explained he received a letter from DOH of Glens Falls per Mr. Montysko on an issue to address. They are looking for us to monitor well temperature for ground water under direct influence.This temperature probe (Onset HOBO Water Temp Pro (Model #h20-001) temperature probe) is to be put in the well.DOH will provide the software needed for this.Mr. Dennison stated he got prices from a place recommended by DOH which is about $217.00 for the probe, base station and coupler.Chairman Kline asked how often this would be read and if this is a one time thing.Foreman Dennison stated that they need to get more information.Mayor Sullivan stated he was with the understanding that this would need to be read for about 1 year then they will determine from there if it needs to continue.Chairman Kline made a motion to approve the purchase of the temperature probe and it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.


Foreman Dennison also reported that filters need to be ordered.The Pre Cartridge and the clean in place cartridge.There was a discussion on how often they need to be changed and the cost.Foreman Dennison stated they have a shelf life forever as long as they stay dry.It was asked if these are in the budget and Mr. Dennison stated that they are and they have lasted us 3 months, where we thought it was going to last 1 week each.




September 12, 2006

Page two


Foreman Dennison stated they are having a problem at the plant with sediment on the bottom of the clear wells.The iron is coming out and is being picked up by the pump and being distributed.He stated they could take one well down at a time to clean.He would have to get a sump pump, because they can not drain the wells completely and they were not provided with one.Mayor Sullivan asked about draining thru the value and then thru hydrant.Foreman Dennison stated they canít get all the water out.They need a hose to wash the floor then pump out.This hose should be dedicated to the wells only.A vinyl hose to keep disinfected.Chairman Kline asked how often will this need to be done.Foreman Dennison stated he hopes not to often, they should be done before the new chemicals are introduced to the system.There was a discussion on robotics to do the cleaning, but it is not sure itís available.Foreman Dennison stated that the cost of a sump pump is about $196.20 and this includes a 1 1/2Ē discharge, 50 gal. a minute, about $96.00 for 100íPVC hose and $5.00 for a male adapter for hose.This is a stainless steel sump pump.Commissioner Shaver asked if there were any alternative.Foreman Dennison stated he didnít think so.The well walls need to be brushed down with a garden hose and cleaned directly.They need to loosen up and directly pump out what is there.Commissioner Shaver made a motion to approve the purchase of the sump pump and the supplies needed to operate the pump.There was a discussion on if this problem will go away after we introduce the chemicals, and it was undetermined, Chairman Kline seconded the motion, all ayes, motion passed.


Foreman Dennison introduced to the board Red-Be-Gone, itís a cleaning product for iron complaints, and he thought it would be good public relations if the board offered it to the consumers. (6 oz. sample bottles are available 48- for $111.39).Mayor Sullivan stated he thought that was something that could be considered in the future.He also stated he feels we should consult our attorney on this issue, that preventing the problem is our goal.Chairman Kline asked how long after the new chemicals are introduced will we see a change in our water.Foreman Dennison stated he canít get a straight answer it could be a few weeks or could be a few months.


Foreman Dennison stated they changed out the transfer pump for the chlorine.This was an oversight with the engineer.Laberge provided another pump at a low cost, but we lost 60 galloons of contaminated chlorine in the process of this problem.Mr. Dennison went on to say he thought the board should contact Laberge and address this problem.He explained he submitted a list of materials, time and labor for the installation of this new pump to Project Coordinator Maureen Kemmet.


Foreman Dennison reported that there is a leak in the back yard of Corsetti on North Broad Street that supplies water to Dave Mathis.He was told this leak was taken care of months ago, but it was not and the leak does exist.Chairman Kline stated that this is a contamination issue and they should be given 2 weeks to fix or shut them off.Mayor Sullivan stated that the alternative to fixing is shutting them off.Commissioner Shaver asked about repairs that were done in the past.Mayor Sullivan stated they were done because of ignorance, we should not have done that.Commissioner Shaver asked if anyone has spoke with Mr. Mathis directly.It was recommended for a letter to go out to all property owners and effected properties that if not repaired it will be shut off.



September 12, 2006

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Commissioner Shaver asked to look into this and report back at the next meeting.Chairman Kline stated that would be a good idea and Mayor Sullivan suggested we speak with our attorney to get his suggestion.


Burgoyne Street water leak:There is a service line leaking on Burgoyne Street.It was suggested a letter be written and have Chairman Kline sign the letter.Give time frame for correction, send certified and give 30 days.


Foreman Dennison stated he needed some spare fittings in case of plumbing fails.Chairman Kline asked Mr. Dennison to come up with a list of items needed.


Old Business:


Schoman: 157 Rt. 4 Schuylerville was discussed.The shut off is on private property, they have an outstanding bill increasing at each billing, but we are unable to shut them off.We have asked them for an easement with no response.Mayor Sullivan suggested we have the attorney start a civil action.Commissioner Shaver suggested we speak with the attorney.


Plaque: There needs to be a decision on the plaque for the water plant.Chairman Kline stated we should keep it straight forward as possible.After a discussion it was decided to have Schuylerville/Victory Water Treatment Plant and the established date.Chairman Kline made a motion to have the plaque read Schuylerville/Victory Water Treatment Plant and the established date, it was seconded by Commissioner Shaver, all ayes, motion passed.


Dave Coffingerís work schedule: Per Commissioner Shaver, Dave Coffingerís work schedule was discussed.He proposed which would be in the best interest of water and the village for Mr. Coffinger to work on average 20 hrs. a week, 40 hrs every two weeks.Commissioner Shaver stated he spoke with Mr. Dennison, Mayor Sherman and Mr. Bruce that Mr. Bruce and Mr. Dennison will work out this issue on the hours each week.Commissioner Shaver added that prior approval would be needed for additional time.Commissioner Shaver made a motion to revise David Coffingerís work schedule to be 20 hrs per week on average specifically 40 hours every 2 weeks and prior approval would be needed for additional time, it was seconded by Chairman Kline, all ayes, motion passed.


Manganese problem:pumps that are needed, stainless steel pump.This was up for discussion per Mayor Sullivan, this issue needs to be resolved.He stated that it was stated that by Oct. this would be up and running.Foreman Dennison stated that he received two quotes from Steve Adams and the the cost was the concern.With Board approval he will do the electrical himself and have a tech calibrate the pumps.There was a discussion on the single blended chemical and one feed point from Clean Waters, Inc. for $6,000.00 about $18.00 a day.C.N.A. had a quote for two chemicals, two separate feed points for about $25.00 a day.Commissioner Shaver made a motion to approve the Clean Water quote, not to exceed the $6,000.00and it was seconded by Chairman Kline, all ayes, motion passed.





September 12, 2006

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Out of Scope Services:Mayor Sullivan suggested we do not pay these out of scope services that are in question.He stated he asked to have documentation and has not gotten anything.We got a letter, but no explanation.Commissioner Decker agrees that they should explain the addition expenses.Chairman Kline made a motion not to pay these expenses and to write a letter explaining that without prior authorization from the board per our contract we are not responsible for these expenses, and it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.It was discussed that this letter should state that the board gave them every opportunity, but failed to do so, these expenses donít conform to the contract.


New Business:


Use Unit in Question:The Hot Dog Stand, Owner Jim Miers:Needs review for units and the use of water.Chairman Kline stated that if this is a restaurant it should be charged a business use.Mayor Sullivan stated that if this is going to be seasonal, he should come to the board and possible get this reduced.Commissioner Shaver suggested that a letter go to the owner for him to contact us for this discussion.†† Commissioner Decker asked if we table this issue until the next meeting, he would like the opportunity to speak to the owner and report back next meeting.


Sump-pump request:There was a discussion on the Village of Victory looking to get a sump-pump replaced that is used on water very frequently.Mayor Sullivan gave an overview of the use of the pump.Chairman Kline asked if the water purchased one then the village could use it.Mayor Sullivan stated that the only use it gets with the Village of Victory is for water jobs and he would like to see the water replace this pump.The quote is for $359.93 for a R400 Sump-pump.After a discussion on the use of the pump.Chairman Kline made a motion to approve the replacement of the pump for Victory and it was seconded by Commissioner Shaver, Commissioner Decker voted no, motion does not pass.A motion needs all three in favor due to the quorum of this meeting.Commissioner Decker stated that the things village owns and the things the water owns are used by both, all wonít be satisfied, we need to cut costs.Foreman Dennison stated that when he worked for Village of Victory the only time this pump was used was for water.This pump did fail the night of a motor vehicle accident, when repairs were being done on water.He stated that this is an essential piece of equipment.He did bill the insurance company for the reimbursement for the use of equipment on this job.Commissioner Decker then stated he would like to make a motion to approve the purchase of this sump-pump for the Village of Victory for the amount of $359.93 and it was seconded by Commissioner Shaver, all ayes, motion passed.


Executive Session:


Chairman Kline made a motion to go into executive session for personnel issues which could result in changing working conditions and or may or may not result in action when returning, it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.





September 12, 2006

Page five





When returning Commissioner Shave made a motion to return from executive session with no action taken at this time, it was seconded by Chairman Kline, all ayes, motion passed.


Commissioner Shaver made a motion to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded by Commissioner Decker, all ayes, motion passed.




Respectfully Submitted



Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary

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