Board of Water Management

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Schuylerville Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on September 23, 2008 at 7pm in the Village of Schuylerville.


Chairman Colvin led the meeting.


Present:†† Chairman Colvin, Commissioners Kahnle, Lloyd, and Pink.

Recording Secretary Buchanan,




There will only be one meeting for the month of October.It will be Tuesday, October 21, 2008 in Victory at 7pm.


It was made known that there could be a delay in the meeting minutes and the meeting dates being put on the Townís Web site, due to them moving their offices.The secretary will provide the meeting minutes at the meetings until this is up and running.It was stated that anyone interested can foil for the minutes to their convenience also.



There was a letter received from David Roberts/Turning Point Development, LLC.This letter was in regards to a sprinkler connection activation at 120 Broad Street, Schuylerville.Chairman Colvin asked if the CWO had a copy.Mr. Dennison explained he received the letter and forwarded it on to the board.He explained he marked a place where he thinks the line goes.He does not recommend anything at this time.If anything happened we donít have a valve on Broadway to control the leak.†† He explained Mr. Roberts brought in a camera and he thinks it stops 46 feet from the building.If they opened this valve box and it failed, we would not be able to control the water.Chairman Colvin asked why does this need to be done.Mr. Dennison said he believes building code requires sprinkler system for a second floor.Mr. Dennison stated that this is an unnecessary risk. Commissioner Kahnle asked if the new valve were in would this be able to be done. Mr. Dennison said yes, but no guarantees.He could put in a valve in that main and run a new line off that building at an expense to himself.Commissioner Pinkstated we need these valves as soon as possible.He also asked if we can put one valve in at a time.Mr. Dennison stated you could but both are really needed and in bad condition.Chairman Colvin stated we should not leave him hanging and stated he would send wording to the secretary for a letter to be sent.Chairman Colvin stated Mr. Roberts should speak to the village building code inspector as there are all new codes.




Treasurerís Report:

There was a resolution #2008.2009-11 presented to transfer $15,000 to apply to the outstanding vouchers, payroll and for those miscellaneous expenses this month and prior to the next meeting for the water department.This is to authorize the transfer from the water savings account to the water checking account.Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to approve and sign this resolution #2008.2009-11 to transfer $15,000 from Savings to Checking, and it was seconded by Commissioner Lloyd, all ayes, motion passed.





September 23, 2008

Page two


Operational Items:


Water Meters:

Vellano representative, James Stanton would like to approach the water board with information in regard to water meters.As you recall, the water board submitted an application for monetary assistance through the Local government Records program and was denied funding to assist with the water meter conversion and software.If the water board is thinking about submitting another application, it may be helpful to meet with those companies who provided proposals last year.The grant was discussed and if we are going to re-apply.It was stated we should.Commissioner Lloyd would like to see him come for next meeting.It was asked if the secretary can contact Vellano and see if they can come to the next meeting.Commissioner Pink asked if Morgans run and Myers Lane was compatible with the new meters.Chief Operator Dennison said possibly a head would need to be changed.



Capital Improvement Project:


Project Identification Plaque:Chief Operator Dennison and Commissioner Lloyd went down and decided on a spot where the plaque should be placed.


Change order #3 (WM Schultz Constructions):Pending change order to extend the contract completion date from September 1, 2008 to October 13, 2008, with attachment A.††


Change Order #1 (Stilsing Electric): Pending change order to extend the contract completion date from September 1, 2008 to October 13, 2008, with attachment A.


Attorney Dixon explained what the change orders were all about and the extension description.He had a draft letter presented to the board from Laberge to Schultz.The board approved the time extension, but we are going to charge them $250.00 a day not including Sundays.Commissioner Pink asked about Net increases, due to the delay.There was some discussion about a letter from the board to Laberge to pay for putting the bollards in the right spot.†† Attorney Dixon explained that it was not the contractors fault, it was the engineers fault, and the contractor did ask about this and were told to do what the plans stated.


Commissioner Kahnle made a motion to approve the change order #1 and #3 and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.


New York State Revolving fund News newsletter published by EFC:Treasurer Kemmet presented some information from the newsletter.This contains information about funding for water and sewer projects.The 2008 2nd quarter loan closings are listed and reflects the water project, listed under the Village of Schuylerville, as a Drinking water Loan in the amount of $2,621,372, grant amount $1,209,507 (through DWSRF).Since the loan amount was financed at 0%, the projected savings is listed at $4,450,000 (over the payback period of thirty years) and that the savings per household was projected at $4,611.







September 23, 2008

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Chief Water Operatorís Report:

Mr. Dennison stated he was unable to get a report in but had a few things.He explained his computer crashed last week and he will be having it repaired as soon as possible.He also explained that at the last meeting the board authorized him to purchase a new heater at the plant for about $650.00 for the heater only and then the thermostat and ceiling mounts would bring it over $800.00 from Grangers.Mr. Dennison explained he took it apart and went to see electrical room, which has the same heater.He took a transformer out of that and it works and is running.A new transformer is about 52.00, so he got approval from the treasurer and ordered one.This was a cost saving of about $700.00 to the Board.

Mr. Dennison stated that if they had an applicant, there is a water course starting Oct. 6th in Hudson Valley which will end in December.


Victory Plant Rehab:

No update, Chairman Colvin stated he will be getting a quote from Kalbricky.


Old Business:

Lap top and printer is in and the computer support is going to be in this week to connect to the current system and set it up for operation.


Personnel manual-Mayor Sullivan asked for a discussion on this subject.

Chairman Colvin stated he would like this table to look at victoryís plan.


Hiring of employee:It was stated that they received an application from Edward Mosher.He has a CDL license, and is qualified to use all Heavy equipment, including a backhoe.Chief Operator Dennison stated he knows of this applicant and he stated he would be able to respond rather quickly as he lives close by.There was a discussion if the position was advertised with the state department.Commissioner Colvin stated he called unemployment and no one is available to do what we are looking for.Commissioner Kahnle asked if we still have others hanging.Yes.†† There was a discussion that a letter should go to the applicants that are no longer going to be considered.An Interview for Mr. Mosher was discussed and decided to be on Monday at 6:30, which must be a public meeting.†† This meeting will also need to be advertised.Commissioner Colvin stated that this will be the only thing on the agenda, it will be in Victory and he asked Mr. Dennison to come to this meeting.


Helwig CDL License request-tabled


New Business:

Units in question:

Cave Realty Ė(corner of Broad and Burgoyne) there was some discussion as Commissioner Colvin stated that the Schuylerville Code Enforcement officer Gil Albert stated that this will be 10 units.The secretary explained that she received a phone call and that there are only 9 units and they are all occupied.This was tabled for more clarification.



September 23, 2008

Page four


120 Broad Street; Saratoga Safety moved into the business upstairs and this should be billed.


Old Middle School-New Town Hall (12 Springs Street).†† It was discussed to have someone look into the number of units this will actually have.


There was some discussion on the Block of buildings on Broadway from the Violin shop to the Dwell Building.


It was discussed for the Schuylerville Code Enforcement officer to look into these units.Chairman Colvin stated we may get a bill from Schuylerville for this service.††


Chairman Colvin asked that all the information for the meetings (agenda, minutes, Treasurerís report and Chief water operatorís Report) be sent to the members of the board the Friday before the meeting, for their review before the meeting.


Grand opening of the water plant-Commissioner Kahnle asked if there was going to be an opening and it was stated that the startup will hopefully be Oct. 6th .There is no party planned as of now.



Public Comment:


Jim Gorham 6 Mennen Road:Mr. Gorham asked about the plastic alone the creek, will they be taking it down.Commissioner Lloyd explained that this is Silk fencing that was required by DEC and it will come down when they see that there has been enough growth that nothing will get in the creek.

Mr. Gorham also stated that they have black buildup in the toilet, is there something in the water.It was explained that that line is charged to the plant and it doesnít get much use.Flushing of the hydrants next week will help.When the plant is on line there will be a continuous flow and that should not happen.

He also asked about the Hydrants on Rt. 32, he was told by Shultz that it was not working†† It was explained that one was going to be replaced but we decided to leave it and it does work.


Wendy Lukas asked why the Chairman was not going to have a replacement for the meeting he will be missing.It was explained that they agreed to change the meeting date so no replacement was necessary.

She stated that Chairman Colvin stated that the Paving was going to be done by the State, there has been no movement, and she wanted to know the status of that.Chairman Colvin said he doesnít know when.She then asked Mr. Dennison if the valves can still be done.Chairman Colvin stated that the village does not have the man power at this time.A lot of maintenance needs to be done and it is not getting done.Ms. Lukas asked about the letter going to Roberts, is it going to be signed by the Chairman or the Secretary on behalf of the board.Chairman Colvin stated he will be signing the letter.She asked if we were going to be advertising the next meeting because the meter guy is coming.Ms. Lukas stated she is concerned about the sign and why on a pedestal, it was determined to do what was in the contract.She stated she did some research and Commissioner Lloyd is a conflict of interest to be sitting on the board.She stated that this is a huge conflict of interest and not in the residence best interest, itís wrong.



September 23, 2008

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Ms. Lukas also would like to object to the job not being advertised, that the board could be challenged and it should be advertised with the Department of Labor.


Commissioner Lloyd stated that he would like to get an estimate on some Burch trees that are leaning near the Victory plant.They will eventually fall on the building.It was approved to get some estimates.


Executive Session:






Commissioner Lloydmade a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Commissioner Pink, all ayes, motion passed.






Respectfully Submitted,





Brenda S. Buchanan

Recording Secretary


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