Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Schuylerville/Victory Board of Water Management held a meeting on August 14, 2007 at 6:30pm at the American Legion, Schuylerville.


This meeting was a joint meeting with the Water Board, the Village of Schuylerville Board of Trusteeís, the Village of Victory Board of Trusteeís, Department of Health, Environmental Facility Corp. and Fiscal Advisors.As this meeting was meeting number one of the month, there was no public comment.



S/VBOWM: Commissioners Siciliano, Lukas, and Colvin, Alternate Dennison, Recording Secretary Buchanan, Foreman Dennison, and Attorney Dixon.

Schuylerville: Mayor Sherman, Trusteeís Hughes, Decker, Ditch, Treasurer Welfley and Attorney Bartholomew.

Victory: Mayor Sullivan, Trustee White, Treasurer Kemmet, and Attorney Michael Catalfimo.

DOH: Michael Montysko, William Gilday.

EFC: Fred Testa, Brian McClintock, Jeff Lanigan, and John McKeon.

Fiscal Advisors: Jeanine Rodgers Caruso.


Commissioner Colvin called the meeting to order and began with the pledge.Commissioner Colvin introduced Fred Testa, who is with EFC and asked him to take the floor.


Fred Testa stated that on behalf of the Environmental Facilities Corporation and the NYS Department of Health they requested this joint meeting to discuss the status of the drinking water infrastructure improvement project.He explained the 5 issues that he wished to discuss: 1) the maturity of the outstanding DWSRF short-term financing and the timing of the anticipated DWSRF long-term financing. 2) The updated estimated project cost relative to the Villageís bond resolutions. 3) The project schedule. 4) The amount of DWSRF and FAB water funds currently available. 5) The future disbursements of DWSRF and FAB water funds now that the Village of Schuylerville is acting as Lead Fiscal Agent.Mr. Testa provided summary sheets of the Estimated project costs, expenditure and debt authorized by both villages, history of debt issued to date, an anticipated long-term financing (as of 6/30/05) and funds disbursed to date, notes for the anticipated long-Term financing table and lastly the documented project costs received by NYS EFC as of 8/10/07.Mr. Testa explained the project scope, which consists of improvements to Schuylerville and/or whatís left and the improvements to the Victory Site.


Mayor Sherman asked Mr. Testa if it would be a good idea to complete the Schuylerville Plant first before we start up another plant.Mr. Testa asked in what regards and Mayor Sherman stated that they are still getting discolored water.†† Mike Montysko from DOH explained that those are operational issues and should not hold up the process of finishing this project.Mr. Testa explained that EFC is financing both projects and if additional expenses are needed for the Schuylerville plant that can be discussed.He went on to say that there is no reason why they need to be resolved before we move on to the Victory rehab.Mr. Montysko asked about a log of complaints.Foreman Dennison stated he had not gotten many lately.Mayor Sherman explained that people do not want to sign a complaint form.Mr. Montysko stated that they donít have to sign it, only give street address and description of problem so they can be addressed.He explained that this is starting to reach equilibrium.We will be getting new water with this system. Old pipes, new water, ph levels, and corrosion agents have some things to do with the water.You need to understand it is getting better; itís slow but will take time.He explained they still will have problems but they are operational and will get better.




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Mr. Montysko explained that there are two good reasons to get the victory up and running. 1) It has a higher mineral count, which will help with the current water and 2) less costly to operator, so this will save money.Commissioner Lukas asked why we didnít do that plant first.Mr. Montysko explained that it was not enough water to supply to all users.You also had to get off the surface water system.Mr. Montysko stated he would like to speak with some people having problems and sample their water to see what the problem is, if it is pipes or what.Mayor Sullivan stated to his understanding the Schuylerville Plant is completed and these issues are operational not capital.Mr. Montysko stated it would be a good idea that in the next billing, you put in some correspondence on the inquiry form and have consumers file it out and return to the board.Maureen Kemmet explained that they donít have to leave there name, it can be just a general address and we can get them to the water plant.Mr. Montysko explained that the weather can change the effects of the water also and we need to hear about problems as they occur.

Mr. Testa started a discussion on the ban that is currently outstanding and the financing.He explained the FAB grant and the percentages and how the agreement works.He stated that its 30 year long term financing at 0% interest.Ed Bartholomew stated that it is 76% for Schuylerville and 24% for Victory.Mr. Testa explained that your % is in the agreement.

Commissioner Lukas started a discussion on the status of the Fiscal Advisors and there updates.Mr. Testa explained that Ms. Kemmet provided some cost information to Mark Colopy and they are preparing disbursement request for the water board.He explained that the money is spent but has not been disbursed as of yet.Mr. Bartholomew thanked EFC for their efforts in this project.Mayor Sullivan asked about the loan amount and increasing if we go over 5.5.He went on to say the reimbursable expenses that were prior to the RO are also included in the 4.8, back as far as September 01.Mr. Montysko stated you may be in a better situation.You donít have to go after costs to put you in debt.Mayor Sullivan stated possibly instead of raising the bond resolution, we can keep under budget and donít go after the reimbursement.Mr. Testa stated you can go that way also.Mayor Sullivan stated that it is a little over $600,000 (Design of Easton, Laberge, Garry Robinson designs).There was a discussion of getting the balances on all the financing.Brian McClintock from EFC stated he would do some research and get some numbers to us as far as the draw downs to date.He also stated he would look up to see when we need to make our first principal payment.Mr. Testa stated he would look to see where we stand grant vs. loan money.Mr. Testa explained that we have administrative work which was deemed as an eligible expense to the extent of $15,000.00.He explained that is where the project coordinator salary was coming from.He stressed that we need someone to keep on this project and this is what Maureen Kemmet did prior to June 1, 2007.

Fred Testa explained that Ed Bartholomew asked for a list of contracts for this project.He explained that when he was done he had found 35 documents.

Commissioner Lukas asked about not being ready for long term and she inquired about what that meant.Mr. Testa explained that the short term is interest free and no more than 3 years long (from June 3, 2005), then it must be repaid.He explained that the game plan is to repay, converting debt to long term financing.What needs to happen for EFC to see you ready is first the contracts need to be awarded for the Victory Plant, and fixed project costs.

Attorney Dixon asked about deadlines.

Mr. Testa stated that all paperwork needs to be in by January 1, 2008.They need time to review all papers and get signatures.If there are problems, and you are not ready you will need to pay them off with possibly BAN money.Mr. Montysko explained that if you can't do this you could loss your hardship package.

Ed Bartholomew asked what the estimated project costs for the Victory plant were.

Mr. Testa explained he saw a letter from Laberge dated May 25, 2007 in the amount of $716,000.This does not include some improvements that have been since discussed.He stated you need to build them into the contract.Mayor Sullivan asked if they were eligible expenditure.Mr. Testa explained that the five bulled items on that letter are eligible.




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Mayor Sherman asked where we stand with closing out the Schuylerville project and our figures.

Jeanine Corruso explained that she is in the process of trying to get these figures.She stated she had been working with Ms. Kemmet and was told she was at a stopping point.Mayor Sherman asked if she had tried to come to Schuylerville and get the necessary information needed.She stated she had not as of yet but thinks Mark Colopy had.She stated she doesn't know who to speak to on this issue to get the necessary figures and documents.Commissioner Lukas stated that if these documents are from prior to June 1, than Victory should provide this information.Mr. Testa stated he has no resolution on this issue and he understands.He explained that currently the Victory Clerk Treasurer is authorized to sign disbursement requests.There was some discussion on this topic.


There was some discussion on sitting down with the engineers talking about what specifically the water board expects when it come to the bidding process.There was some discussion on the project construction and the resident representation and resident inspector.There was some discussion on a clerk of the works and the different meanings for this title.


Ed Bartholomew asked Jeanine Caruso when the necessary documents will be ready.She explained that she doesn't know who to work with on the necessary paperwork and figures. Mayor Sullivan stated that the water board told Ms. Kemmet not to work on this project.Commissioner Lukas stated that the board did not advise her of this.Brenda Buchanan, Secretary stated that it does reflect in the minutes that Commissioner Lukas advised her not to work on this project.Ms. Lukas stated they did not state that and Alternate Dennison read the minutes of the June 26th meeting minutes, which statedCommissioner Lukas stated that the village of Schuylerville wants a new project coordinator, they voted and they do not want Maureen Kemmet to return to this position.

Mr. Bartholomew stated that the records are in Victory.Ms. Kemmet explained that they are not necessarily records that Jeanine needs it is more of a history and conversations.Ms. Caruso explained that is what is needed, history on this project.Mr. Bartholomew explained that the books were handed over with no records and until this is resolved we can not proceed.Mr. Bartholomew went on to say that it is wrong not to answer questions on this project.He stated that he is looking for cooperation not questioning the quality of work.Ms. Kemmet explained that she sent a memo to the Water board on where this issue stood and also asked if they wanted her to work on this project per diem.The board had no response on what to do, but did advise her she is no longer project coordinator


Brian McClintock stated that the village clerk of Victory must sign the disbursements for the project.This can not bounce back and forth.The agreement was set up as Victory Clerk will sign.He explained that the long term financing will also be set up that way.Ed Bartholomew stated that possibly they can change that for the long term financing.Mr. McClintock stated that for now its Ms. Kemmet


There was a break


After the break Mayor Sherman took over the meeting.He stated that with consensus of the Village of Schuylerville board effective immediately the lead agency will change back to the Village of Victory.Effective July 1, 2007 they are in support of paying the lead agent $500.00 a month for overhead costs.This is not to be retroactive to any previous date other that July 1, 2007.If the lead agent changes the new lead agent will then get this monthly overhead cost.He also stated that they are in support of Maureen Kemmet continuing on as project Coordinator for $1000 a month.He also stated that the reorganizations chart will reflect Ms. Kemmet will report to the Attorney for communication with the board.Trustee Ditch asked that it be reflected in the minutes that this is the most expedient thing to do, but she would like to state that we will be reimbursing the project coordinator for work we did not get.



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Trustee Hughes made this motion and it was seconded by Trustee Ditch, all ayes, 4-0-1 motion passed. Sherman-ayes, Hughes-ayes, Ditch-ayes, Decker-ayes, Colvin-abstain.

Trustee Decker made a motion to close this meeting and it was seconded by Trustee Hughes, all ayes, motion passed.


Mayor Sullivan then took the meeting.He stated that as of today the Village of Victory will take over as lead agent and as of July 1, 2007 they will be reimbursed $500.00 monthly for overhead costs.He stated that Maureen Kemmet will be project coordinator effective immediately and retroactive to July 1, 2007.He stated that she will report to Phil Dixon on behalf of the water board.He stated that the Village of Victory and Schuylerville representatives will work cooperatively and in good faith in a respectfully and civil through this project.Mayor Sullivan made this motion and Trustee Dennison seconded this motion, all ayes, 3-0 motion passed.Sullivan-ayes, Dennison-ayes, White-ayes.

Mayor Sullivan made a motion to close this meeting and it was seconded by Trustee White, all ayes, motion passed.


Commissioner Lukas made a motion to approve the monthly reimbursement cost of $500.00 for the lead fiscal agent, for overhead costs, as of July 1, 2007, this motion was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, 4-0,motion passed. Lukas-ayes, Sicilicano-ayes, Dennison-ayes, Colvin-ayes.


Commissioner Lukas made a motion to approve Maureen Kemmet to be project Coordinator at the fee of $1,000 a month effective July 1, 2007, this motion was seconded by Commissioner Siciliano, all ayes, 4-0, motion passed. Lukas-ayes, Sicilicano-ayes, Dennison-ayes, Colvin-ayes.


Commissioner Colvin asked that the villages stay for a continuation of the meeting, but he thanked everyone from EFC, DOH, and Fiscal Advisors for coming to this joint meeting.


Commissioner Lukas stated that there were still a lot of issues to be resolved in regards to the water being a proper employer.After a discussion it was determined that the retirement will be resolved now that Victory will be handling the retirement.


There was a discussion the water board being able to hire employees.It was determined that civil service positions need to be set up prior, but then they can hire.


There was some discussion on health benefits and OT approval.It was determined that the water board is the supervisor and should address any problems.Commissioner Colvin stated that this has been a topic of discussion and will be discussed at the next regular meeting.





Commissioner Siciliano made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Alternate Dennison, all ayes, motion passed.


Respectfully Submitted



Brenda S. Buchanan,

Recording Secretary

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