August 11, 2003


Supervisor Robert Hall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:30 p.m.


Roll call: Jean Casey, Town Clerk, called the roll. Supervisor Robert Hall- present, Councilman Bruce Cornell - present, Councilman Michael McLoughlin - present, Councilman Fred Drumm- present and Councilman Phil Griffen- present.


Also present: Deputy Clerk Ruth Drumm, Town Attorney William Reynolds, Zoning Officer Robert Hathaway, Highway Superintendent Grant Seymour, Assessor/Bookkeeper Catherine DeFelice, Geraldine Friedman, Richard Behrens, Wendy Lucas, Kathleen Bartholomay, Suzanne Sullivan, Jean Driscole, Tim Holmes, and Dan Craine.


Approval of Minutes: All Board Members had read the minutes of the July 14, 2003 regular meeting. A motion was made by Councilman Philip Griffen and seconded by Councilman Fred Drumm that the minutes of July 14, 2003 be accepted as read. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 5 – 0.


Town Clerk’s report: Fees paid to the County treasurer for Dog licenses $128.40. Fees paid to the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets for the spay/neuter program $57.00. Fees paid to NY D.E.C. for hunting/fishing licenses $348.60. Fees paid to The State Health Dept. for marriage licenses $33.75. Dog license fees to Supervisor Robert Hall $318.10. Clerk fees to Supervisor Robert Hall $174.90. Total State, County, and Local Revenues received were $1,060.75.


Zoning Officer’s report: Robert Hathaway reported for July 2003: 16 Building permits, 16 inspections, 5 Certificates of Occupancy and 4 perc tests. A check for $1,393.44 was given to Supervisor Robert Hall.

Councilman Fred Drumm asked Robert Hathaway if he had checked on the numerous cars parked on the Russom property on River Road? Robert Hathaway replied that he had been by there and would go by again and that he usually gives them a month to remedy the situation.

Councilman Philip Griffen inquired about the progress of the cleanup of the house at the end of Hanehan Road and Route 4. Bob Hathaway replied that he has started the cleanup and that he was served with an Order to Remedy, which gives them until August 25, 2003 to clean it up.

Supervisor Robert Hall mentioned that he had received a complaint about a foul odor along Route 4, 500 feet north of the Hanehan Road intersection. He went to investigate and found it to be coming from a pile of dead deer dumped there by the NYS DOT. DOT said that there was no place to get rid of them and it is a standard practice in a rural area to dump them. He then called the NYS DEC and they said to call the NYS DOT. He then called the DOT again and they agreed to put some lime on it to alleviate the foul odor.


Supervisor’s report: Supervisor Hall presented July 2003 balances in Town funds as follows: General A $426,064.76, General B $155,245.28, Highway Outside $406,739.17, Youth Recreation & Services $6,482.45, Highway Equipment Reserve $64,141.21, Building Reserve $806,821.80 and Fire Protection $0.03. July revenues were $89,558.36 and expenses were $100,795.90. The total July balance is $1,865,494.71.


Highway: Grant Seymour, Highway Superintendent, said that the CHIPS projects are all paved and the Town of Wilton will come down with their shoulder machine and put the gravel shoulders on the roads. He stated that the new mower is working good and that they will start to pave the Route 32 end of Wilbur Road next week.

Supervisor Robert Hall noted that he received a fax from Al Dewey, Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services asking for damage estimates from the storm on August 10, 2003 for possible reimbursement. Grant Seymour replied that we didn’t sustain any notable damage. Al Dewey also advised there is a flood watch for all of Saratoga County through Tuesday morning, August 12, 2003.



Landfill: No report.


Insurance: Supervisor Robert Hall considered the need for terrorism insurance and after some discussion, it was decided not to purchase terrorism insurance for the Town.


Youth Committee report: Councilman Michael McLoughlin reported that he has received a request from Justice Jack Ditch and Judy Ekman, Executive Director of the Prevention Council with the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Council of Saratoga County, for a Youth Court in the Schuylerville area. A Youth Court is a program designed to remove first time offenders from the traditional court system and place them into a group of peers, who are all under the age of 19, and perform the roles of the judge, court clerk, prosecutor, defender, jury foreperson and the jury members. The program trains student volunteers to perform those roles and teaches them accountability for their problem behavior and the impact of their actions on themselves, their victims and the community. Councilman McLoughlin stated that $2,000 is needed to set up the program of which $1,000 will come from Schuylerville Central School, $500 from the Town of Northumberland and they are requesting $500 from the Town of Saratoga. Councilman Michael McLoughlin introduced Resolution #03-31 to contribute $500 towards setting up the Youth Court Program. Councilman Bruce Cornell seconded the motion. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 5 – 0.


Buildings: No report


Senior Citizens report: Councilman Bruce Cornell reported that the seniors would start their dinners next month. They have a bus trip planned to Mohegan Sun with 51 attending. Supervisor Robert Hall asked Councilman Bruce Cornell who can go on the bus and who gets first preference? Councilman Bruce Cornell responded that according to Virginia Cornell, Senior Citizens of the Town of Saratoga who are club members get first preference and then if there is a vacancy on the day of the trip then seniors from other towns can take the seat as long as they are club members. Councilman Bruce Cornell suggested that Supervisor Hall speak with Virginia Cornell for the facts or if it should be done another way since Councilman Bruce Cornell is not positive what the rules are.


Park Committee report: Councilman Michael McLoughlin reported that the Town of Saratoga Town Park committee met at 6:00 p.m. this evening. He said that the L.A. Group is not finished with the park feasibility study. The L.A. Group has walked some of the four sites and agrees some are promising. The feasibility study should be completed by next month’s meeting.


Cable TV Committee: Councilman Fred Drumm reported that our Time Warner Cable TV franchise agreement has been extended until February 2004. The committee is gathering information and then will meet with the PSC and Time Warner Cable for negotiations.



Old Business: Supervisor Robert Hall communicated that the General Schuyler Emergency Squad’s proposed creation of an ambulance district, map, plan and report are available for inspection at the Town Clerk’s Office. Resolution #03-29 was introduced by Councilman Fred Drumm and seconded by Councilman Bruce Cornell. The resolution set a public hearing to be held by the Town Board for September 8, 2003 at the Town Hall, Ferry St., Schuylerville, NY, to consider the Map, Plan and Report, and the establishment of an ambulance district for the Town of Saratoga.

Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 5 – 0.


New Business: Supervisor Robert Hall spoke on the proposal by the City of Saratoga Springs to draw water from Saratoga Lake as a drinking water source and how concerned the residents of the Town of Saratoga are about its use for drinking water and the likely restrictions on activities on the Lake, its shoreline and within its watershed. He presented the Board with a copy of a resolution that was adopted by both the Town of Stillwater and the Town of Malta opposing the proposed use. Resolution #03-30 was proposed by Councilman Bruce Cornell and seconded by Councilman Philip Griffen stating the Town Board of the Town of Saratoga, acting on behalf of the residents of Saratoga Lake and the entire community affirms its strong opposition to the use of Saratoga Lake as a source of drinking water. It also authorizes the Attorney for the Town of Saratoga to work with the attorneys for the Towns of Malta and Stillwater to research how the several municipalities can work together to protect Saratoga Lake as a jewel of Saratoga County and to eliminate any chance of Saratoga Lake becoming a source of drinking water for the City of Saratoga Springs. Discussion followed and Town Attorney Bill Reynolds urged the board to add agricultural pursuits as an activity which would likely result in restrictions. Resolution #03-30 was altered to include agricultural pursuits as an activity which would likely result in restrictions if the Lake is used for drinking water. Please see the attached Resolution #03-30 in its entirety. Roll call: Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 5 – 0.

Supervisor Robert Hall, responding to a complaint, asked Richard Behrens of the GSES why it took an ambulance 25 minutes to respond to a call in the town? Richard Behrens responded that he would research the trip sheet as to why the delay occurred and that he would also bring in the success stories as well.


Communications: None


Privilege of the floor: Geraldine Friedman asked Councilman Michael McLoughlin who oversees the Youth Court? Councilman Michael McLoughlin responded that the Prevention Council with the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Council of Saratoga County oversees it. Geraldine Friedman then asked where along Route 4 is the DOT dumping the dead deer? Supervisor Robert Hall responded that it is about 500 feet north of the Route 4 and Hanehan Road intersection.


Wendy Lucas asked Councilman Michael McLoughlin how many youths would be served by the Youth Court? He responded that 53 cases were handled in Moreau in 2000 but that was a starting year so he estimates it is much higher. Wendy then asked who is on the Park Committee? Councilman Michael McLoughlin stated himself, Councilman Fred Drumm, Town Attorney Bill Reynolds, Eric Weber, Laurie Griffen, Mark Wells, Tom Wood and Tim Christenson and that they have been meeting at 6:00 p.m. before the board meetings for about three months now.


Dan Craine commented that he received a letter from the Quaker Springs Fire Company asking for financial support. Supervisor Robert Hall responded that it is not necessary to contribute, it will not effect your fire protection. The Quaker Springs Fire Protection District has five commissioners that set a budget that is funded by tax dollars.

The Quaker Springs Fire District Commissioners are Chairman Stanley Bialahoski, Frank Gemmiti, James Bodnar, Steven Bodnar, and James Burke.




Supervisor Robert Hall commended the Turning Point Parade Committee for a great job organizing the parade on August 3, 2003.



Audit the Bills: General A $33,236.86, General B $708.65, Highway Outside

$39,836.98, Building Reserve $15,767.83, Highway Equipment Reserve $28,293.00, Youth Recreation & Services $850.00, for a total expense of $118,693.32.


The next regular meeting of the Town Board will be September 8, 2003 at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Jean Casey, Town Clerk


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