June 28, 2017


1.  Call Meeting to Order

2.  Roll Call

3.  Approval of Minutes from May 24, 2017

4.  Applicants:            


*Privilege of the floor is limited to five minutes per person for applications with a scheduled public hearing.


Minor Subdivision Sketch Plan


Cliff Silverstein #17-15                           Owner:  Kevin J. Johnson

346 Pyramid Pines Rd.                                       1107 Rt. 9P

Saratoga, NY 12866                                           Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

S/B/L 193.14-1-23 Lake Residential

Location: 1268 Rt. 9P


Applicant seeks to subdivide his parcel into a two lot subdivision; the property is .85 acre and has 175' of frontage.


Hanehan Realty Assoc. LLC #17-18             Representative:  James Vianna, PLS

340 Co. Rt. 68                                                                  170 Lohnes Rd.

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866                                                   Stillwater, NY 12170

S/B/L 183.-1-39

Location:  228 Co. Rt. 69 (Coveville Rd.)


Applicant seeks to subdivide the 1.5 acre parcel from the 74.5 acre farm.  The Applicant is aware that an area variance is needed.


Special Use Permit Pre-Submission Conference


Stephen Poulin #17-16

282 Hayes Rd.

Schuylerville, NY 12871

S/B/L 169.-1-39 Rural


Applicant has an existing non-permitted apartment above his dethatched garage. He is now selling his property and is seeking a special use permit in order to make it compliant with the Town's regulations. 


Frank Owens #17-17                              Representative:  Garry Robinson, P.E.

62 Louden Rd.

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

S/B/L 157.-1-29 Rural Residential

Location:  1167 Rt. 29


Returning Applicant seeks a special use permit to open a restaurant concession business at 1167 Rt. 29.  The 1.12 acre parcel has 413 feet of frontage.


Public Hearing Special Use Permit


Jarrad Garone #17-12

832 Knickerbocker Rd.

Schaghticoke, NY 12154

S/B/L 183.-1-19

Location:  886 Rt. 4 South


Returning Applicant seeks a special use permit to open a bar, restaurant, gas pump station for boats and ice-cream stand.  The name will be The Cove on the Hudson and the property is the old Alcove bar & restaurant.


Special Use Permit Amendment


Mary T. Maranville and Kevin A. Dott #17-14                                 

257 N. Alvarado Ave.

Ojai, CA 93023

S/B/L 155.-1-63.2 Rural Residential

Location:  727 Rt. 29


Applicant wishes to amend her Special Use Permit by adding more parking spaces.



Old Business:  

New Business: 


The next meeting will be held July 26, 2017 at 7:30 PM.





~ Meeting dates are subject to change ~