October 26, 2016


Chairman Ian Murray called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Planning Clerk Linda McCabe called the roll:  Chairman Ian Murray – present, Laurie

Griffen – absent, Patrick Hanehan – present, Robert McConnell – absent, Joseph

Lewandowski – absent, Brandon Myers – present, George Olsen - absent,

Alternate Christopher Koval - present.


Due to the absence of several Board Members, Chairman Ian Murray elevated Alternate Member Christopher Koval to full voting status.


Also attending:  Walt & Lisa Taras, Mary Maranville, Patricia Iacobelli, Thomas Icaobelli, Elizabeth Snyder, Mary Pat Meaney and Joseph Zavzynski.  (Sign-in sheet is on file in the Clerk’s office)


Chairman Ian Murray stated that due to not having a quorum, the September minutes will be approved at the next meeting.



Sketch Plan Conference for Minor Subdivision


Walter Taras #16-13                        

182 Co. Rd. 69

Schuylerville, NY 12871

S/B/L 182.-2-29.1 Rural


Applicant seeks to subdivide two lots from his 46.29 acre parcel.  One lot is to be 7+/- acres and the other is to be 10+/- acres and they are to be sold for residential use.


Applicant Walter Taras appeared before the Board and reviewed his application.  He stated that Jim Vianna, land surveyor, is completing the survey, Dave Myers is doing his soil engineering and there is plenty of frontage. 


Chairman Ian Murray questioned if the driveway locations will remain as proposed; the sight distance is good there and since those drives are pre-existing the Applicant wouldn't need to go to the county for a curb cut.


Applicant Walter Taras responded they will remain where they are.


Chairman Ian Murray asked if there were any Board questions; there were none.

He then stated this is a simple subdivision; public hearing will be held next month.


Applicant Walter Taras stated surveyor Jim Vianna will be representing him at the next meeting.


Chairman Ian Murray reminded him to send out his neighbor notifications and bring receipts to the meeting.  Clerk Linda McCabe will have the neighbor notification list ready tomorrow.


Applicant Walter Taras thanked the Board.



Special Use Permit Pre-Submission Conference


Mary T. Maranville #16-12                                      Current Owner: Amanda Crames

Kevin A. Dott

257 N. Alvarado Ave.

Ojai, CA 93023

S/B/L 155.-1-63.2 Rural Residential

Location:  727 Rt. 29


Applicant is seeking a special use permit to open her business, SeeAg, (Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture) at 727 Rt. 29, the Schuyler Pond property, which consists of 

an agricultural education business, small farm-to-table fundraisers as well as small farm-to-table weddings.


Applicant Mary Maranville appeared before the Board and stated although she's from California, she grew up on a dairy farm in Hudson Falls, NY.  and is excited about moving back.  She then reviewed her proposed business, stating she firmly believes in farm preservation.  She said she started her non-profit business in California, 8 years ago, to teach children about farm agriculture and to let them know food doesn't come from a shelf in the grocery store, but from seed, soil, time and hard work.  Children are taught reading, writing, arithmetic and science in school, but no programs on food.  She wants to create an agricultural farm-to-table educational site, while preserving the character, integrity and historical heritage of the property.  She plans to plant fruit trees and perennial crops on the property and her mission is to teach students about the local history, the importance of agriculture, farm origins of their food and the journey of their food from farm to table using locally grown crops.

She stated that aside from grants for her program, she also holds fund raisers to cover the costs of transportation for school field trips for the children.  She said her fund raisers consist of farm-to-table events.  She also plans on holding a farmer's market one day each week, farm-to-table cooking classes in the barn, heritage skill share classes such as cheese making, pickling and fermentation, bread making and making jams and jellies.  She'd like to have seasonal farm-to-table events May 1st - October 31st, with agricultural speakers, including small dinners, and small weddings in the barn.


Chairman Ian Murray stated this business is a great fit for the community and explained to the Board that he's gone over everything with the Applicant and that the Board can amend the current special use permit for that property which is for retail, and add service to it.


Board Members stated they like this idea but have some concerns with the parking, especially with the weddings; recalling the last application for making the property into a wedding venue.


Chairman Ian Murray stated he agreed but added she is looking to purchase that portion of Wooley Rd. that runs parallel along the front of the property for parking.  Currently there is enough parking for 40 vehicles.


Applicant Mary Maranville stated she wants small weddings - no more than 100, if that and the weddings will take place in the barn, which is already heated and air-conditioned.  She added that Jim Vianna will survey the portion of Wooley Rd. that runs in front of the property for her and she will have it appraised in preparation of purchase, which will give her more than enough parking.  Currently there is 5.28 acres but Wooley Rd. will add an additional half acre.


Chairman Ian Murray said without putting in a kitchen the Applicant will not need NYS DOH input.  He asked the Board if they had any further questions or comments; they stated they like the proposal and looking forward to going forward. 


Chairman Ian Murray told the Applicant to get the survey complete, get SEQR complete and we will publish for public hearing for next month.


Applicant Mary Maranville thanked the Board.



Old Business: none


New Business:  none


A motion was made by Patrick Hanehan, seconded by Chris Koval, to adjourn the meeting at 8:09 p.m.  Chairman Ian Murray – aye, Laurie Griffen – absent, Patrick Hanehan – aye, Joseph Lewandowski – absent, Robert McConnell – absent, Brandon Myers – aye, George Olsen - absent, Christopher Koval - aye. 

Carried  4 - 0

Meeting Adjourned


The next regular meeting will be held Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 7:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



Linda A. McCabe

Planning Clerk