I, ______________________________________, age ________, an intern with the Saratoga Town Court and a student at ____________________________________________________

agree to maintain strict confidentiality of all matters of this court. 


I understand that I will be working with actual criminal and civil case files, some of which may be of a sensitive nature, and I will have frequent contact with defendants of criminal and civil cases. I will not discuss this information with anyone other than officials of this court. I also understand that disclosure of information obtained as part of my internship may compromise matters before this court.  Additionally, I understand that improper disclosure of sensitive information may result in a criminal or civil action against me.


I, __________________________________, understand that any violation of this agreement will result in my immediate dismissal from this internship program.


I have read this confidentiality agreement and will comply with it.




signature                                                                                     date





witness (court official)                                              witness (school official)


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