July 14, 2003


Supervisor Robert Hall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:30 p.m.


Roll call: Jean Casey, Town Clerk, called the roll. Supervisor Robert Hall- present, Councilman Bruce Cornell - present, Councilman Michael McLoughlin - present, Councilman Fred Drumm- absent, and Councilman Phil Griffen- present.


Also present: Deputy Clerk Ruth Drumm, Town Attorney William Reynolds, Historian Thomas Wood, Zoning Officer Robert Hathaway, Highway Superintendent Grant Seymour, Peg Hall, Sherry Doubleday, Richard Behrens, Wendy Lucas, Maureen Bachert, Harry Bachert, Barbara Peck, Kathleen Bartholomay, Suzanne Sullivan, John Barber, Jean Driscole, Bob & Holly Hunziker, Jon Beaulac, Chuck & Sherry Waldron, Barbara Peck, and Dan Craine.


Approval of Minutes: All Board Members had read the minutes of the June 9, 2003 regular meeting. A motion was made by Councilman Philip Griffen and seconded by Councilman Michael McLoughlin that the minutes of June 9, 2003 be accepted as read. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – absent, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 4 – 0.


Town Clerk’s report: Fees paid to the County treasurer for Dog licenses $118.20. Fees paid to the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets for the spay/neuter program $51.00. Fees paid to NY D.E.C. for hunting/fishing licenses $414.71. Fees paid to The State Health Dept. for marriage licenses $33.75. Dog license fees to Supervisor Robert Hall $266.30. Clerk fees to Supervisor Robert Hall $189.54. Total State, County, and Local Revenues received were $1,073.50.


Zoning Officer’s report: Robert Hathaway reported for June 2003: 16 Building permits, 1 sign permit, 24 inspections, 2 Certificates of Occupancy and 2 perc tests. A check for $1,118.00 was given to Supervisor Robert Hall.

Councilman Philip Griffen inquired about the progress of the cleanup of the house at the end of Hanehan Road and Route 4. Bob Hathaway replied that he has until August 1, 2003 to clean it up and that he will serve him with an Order to Remedy.

Supervisor Robert Hall mentioned that there is a boarded up camp on Saratoga Lake that is an eyesore. Bob Hathaway said he would check into it.

Maureen Bachert of 18 Eagles Way, Schuylerville, addressed the board about the problems with the Eagles Roost II Development. She had many questions for the board. Maureen Bachert asked the board why the Zoning Regulations Book she had purchased was incomplete and lacked Local Law No. 3 of 1998 amending the Local Law No. 1 of 1981. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds responded and apologized that she had gotten a book that in the process of collating over the years lacked the Local Law of 1998. Maureen also questioned why she was told that Eagles Roost II Subdivision was Rural Residential when the Planning Board minutes on 11/24/998 shows that it was Cluster Zoned in accordance with the Local Law # 3 of 1998. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds agreed that according to the map filed with the county it is Cluster Zoned and that no one is arguing with that. Maureen then asked why the board did not use the Letter of Credit it has on file from Whibco to finish the work required at Eagles Roost II when New Castle Builders went bankrupt? Supervisor Robert Hall responded that the Letter of Credit is for the right-of-way for the town road only, not the lots. Whibco, the developer is responsible for the lots. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds commented that there is work being done in the subdivision and Chuck Waldron of C&S Construction was asked by Robert Hathaway to comment on the work that is being done. Chuck Waldron stated that according to the map they are putting in 300’ of ATV pipe that was missed previously and they are putting in the drainage easement between Lot 22 and Lot 23. C&S Construction is now working on the light work, culverts, including one at Maureen Bachert’s driveway. Chuck Waldron stated that 5 lots need 15" culverts and all the others need 12". Chuck Waldron will check the drawing and with Wade Sjrogen as to the correct size of all the culverts. He stated that he did not put the culverts in and that he is not responsible for those that are the wrong size and that Wade Sjrogen of Whibco, Inc. would need to be contacted to correct those. Supervisor Robert Hall stated that the Town would not release the bond on the road until it meets all the specifications on the subdivision plans and that the town has no control over site drainage. Chuck Waldron has a contract with Wade Sjrogen to finish the things that were not finished on the right of way but any corrective things would have to be addressed with Wade Sjrogen of Whibco Inc. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds stated that the town is following all the laws of the town and we are doing all we can do. Maureen Bachert asked Town Clerk Jean Casey when she could see the Planning Board files on Eagles Roost II and Jean Casey replied that she had shown her all the planning board minutes and all else that she has on the subdivision. Supervisor Robert Hall said that he will call the previous town engineer, Garry Robinson, to try to obtain more records on the Eagles Roost II subdivision. Maureen Bachert stated that the Town should have issued a conditional Certificate of Occupancy due to the unfinished grading. Chuck Waldron stated that usually grading of 15 to 20’ around the perimeter of the house for drainage away from the house is all that is needed to issue a Certificate of Occupancy. The homes there meet that requirement. Councilman Michael McLoughlin asked when the road would be turned over to the town and Chuck Waldron responded that he expects to finish the road by the end of July. Supervisor Robert Hall asked Chuck Waldron if he would check with Wade Sjrogen on fixing the driveway culvert pipes that don’t meet specifications and are within the right-of-way and he said he would. Supervisor Robert Hall added that if Wade Sjogren does not fix the culverts within the right-of-way then he would have them fixed by C&S Construction from money out of the bond. Chuck Waldron will also check on the swale between Lot 26 and Lot 27 and remedy it in the best way possible.


Supervisor’s report: Supervisor Hall presented June 2003 balances in Town funds as follows: General A $458,500.82, General B $138,940.77, Highway Outside $400,434.21, Youth Recreation & Services $7,893.41, Highway Equipment Reserve $63,984.67, Building Reserve $809,869.03 and Fire Protection $0.03. June revenues were $60,712.49 and expenses were $116,797.14. The total June balance is $1,879,622.94.


Highway: Grant Seymour, Highway Superintendent, said that the CHIPS projects are nearly completed and that the week of the 28th is scheduled for black topping. He mentioned that the new tractor and side-arm mower arrived today and is taking some getting used to. Sherry Doubleday inquired if the Yield Sign destroyed by an auto accident on County Rt. 338 is being replaced. Grant Seymour replied that the county would probably be replacing it since they get the accident reports just as he does.



Landfill: No report.


Insurance: No report.


Youth Committee report: Councilman Michael McLoughlin reported that there is a trip planned for tomorrow to Lake George. Supervisor Robert Hall read correspondence from Jeannie Duval, Youth Program Director, announcing that the Summer Swim Program for 2003 is getting underway. Lessons will be held at the private home of Todd and Connie Griffen at 202 Casey Road in Schuylerville beginning July 2nd and ending August 18th.


Buildings: Supervisor Robert Hall stated that the final estimate for repair of the Town Hall is available for review. The lowest estimate for repair is $258,664. and the highest is $511,504. There is no action planned at this time.



Senior Citizens report: Councilman Bruce Cornell reported that the seniors have a trip planned for Wednesday to Vermont with 50 seniors attending.


Park Committee report: Councilman Michael McLoughlin reported that the Town of Saratoga Town Park committee met at 6:00 p.m. this evening. It was suggested that the L.A. Group do the park feasibility study in place of DBS Planning and Consultants since the L.A. Group has done excellent work for the town in the past. Tracey Clothier of the L.A. Group estimated that it could be done by next month. The study is needed to find the best site to fit the needs of the Town and the surrounding communities. Councilman Michael McLoughlin added that once the study is completed it will help us to obtain grant money for the park. Councilman Michael McLoughlin introduced Resolution # 03-27 to hire the L.A. Group on a hourly basis to do the town park feasibility study of three sites with the total expenditure not to exceed $7,000. Councilman Bruce Cornell seconded the resolution. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – absent, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 4 – 0.

Councilman Michael McLoughlin stated that he has been in contact with Gordon Russell, heir to Nellie Russell, regarding obtaining the Quaker Springs Mineral Spring for a historical pocket park and that he is willing to sign off so that the town can take it over. Councilman Michael McLoughlin stated that The Quaker Springs Mineral Water Association is also agreeable and that a meeting with them is needed. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds mentioned that to obtain a contract and title a resolution is needed from the Association and that title insurance will be necessary. Councilman Michael McLoughlin will contact the Association’s president, Art Traver, to set up a meeting. It was discussed that once a contract, with the purchase price of $1.00, is in hand, then a survey by Jim Vianna, land surveyor, will be needed. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds stated that the survey would clarify issues with the 30’ right-of-way.


Cable TV Committee: Councilman Philip Griffen made a motion to extend our present Time Warner Cable TV franchise agreement for six months so that further investigation can be done. Councilman Bruce Cornell seconded this.

Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – absent, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 4 – 0.



Old Business: Richard Behrens of the General Schuyler Emergency Squad noted that he gave Town Attorney Bill Reynolds the draft plan and ambulance district map for his review. Richard Behrens also requested to be put on the agenda for next month’s meeting.


New Business: Supervisor Robert Hall spoke about the lack of availability to the townspeople of the justices and the court clerks at the town hall. He asked Town Attorney Bill Reynolds if he could research what the rules are or what the board’s authority is, if any, to set regular hours to fix the problem. Supervisor Robert Hall commented that the incidences are increasing of irate people trying to speak to a justice or court clerk when there is no one available to help them.

Supervisor Robert Hall announced that there will be a Joint Meeting of the Town of Saratoga and the Villages of Victory and Schuylerville on July 16, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. at the town hall. The public is welcome but cannot participate in the meeting.



Communications: None


Privilege of the floor: Wendy Lucas asked at what point would the town park feasibility study be available to the public? Councilman Michael McLoughlin responded that the study should be completed next month and it will be available sometime after that. He commented that the park would be designed for people of all ages.


Councilman Michael McLoughlin mentioned that on August 2, 2003 there will be a Family Fun Day at Ft. Hardy Park and that August 3rd is the date for the Turning Point Parade. Supervisor Robert Hall has been in contact with Byron Peregrim about providing funds for the band at the Family Fun Day if a band is hired. Councilman Bruce Cornell introduced Resolution 03-28 to donate $2,000 to the cost of the band for the Family Fun Day, this donation is contingent on getting a band for the Family Fun Day on August 2, 2003. Councilman Michael McLoughlin seconded this resolution.

Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – absent, Councilman Michael McLoughlin – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell - aye. Carried 4 – 0.


Historian Thomas Wood spoke to recognize George DeMers for his donation of the wooden soldiers at the Town Hall.


Supervisor Robert Hall commended Thomas Wood for the excellent presentation he

put on at the Alumni Banquet last Saturday evening.



Audit the Bills: General A $5,440.23, General B $234.00, Highway Outside $33,047.24, Building Reserve $3,658.50, Youth Recreation & Services $754.86, for a total expense of $43,134.83.


The next regular meeting of the Town Board will be August 11, 2003 at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Jean Casey, Town Clerk

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