March 10, 2003


Supervisor Robert Hall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:30 p.m.


Roll call: Jean Casey, Town Clerk, called the roll. Present: Supervisor Robert Hall- present, Councilman Bruce Cornell - present, Councilman Michael McLoughlin - absent, Councilman Fred Drumm- present, and Councilman Phil Griffen- present.


Also present: Town Clerk Jean Casey, Deputy Clerk Ruth Drumm, Assessor/Clerk Catherine DeFelice, Town Attorney William Reynolds, Building Inspector Robert Hathaway, Highway Superintendent Grant Seymour, Historian Tom Wood, Richard Behrens, Sherry Doubleday, Roger Sherman, Tim Holmes, Kathleen Bartholomay, Patricia Pierce, Nash Alexander, Dan Craine, and Jean Driscoll.


Approval of Minutes: All Board Members had read the minutes of the February 10th, 2003 meeting. A motion was made by Councilman Philip Griffen and seconded by Councilman Fred Drumm that the minutes of February 10, 2003 be accepted as read. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell – aye. Carried 4 – 0.


Town Clerk’s report: Fees paid to the County treasurer for Dog licenses $92.30. Fees paid to the NYS Dept. of Agriculture and Markets for the spay/neuter program $33.00. Fees paid to NY D.E.C. for hunting/fishing licenses $40.62. Fees paid to The State Health Dept. for marriage licenses $0.00. Dog license fees to the Supervisor $245.70. Clerk fees to the Supervisor $67.63. Total State, County, and Local Revenues received were $479.25.


Zoning Officer’s report: Robert Hathaway stated that 3 Building permits were issued,

1 Certificate of Occupancy, 6 inspections were done, and 2 Zoning Regulation books were sold. A check for $364.75 was given to Supervisor Hall.


Supervisor’s report: Supervisor Hall presented balances in Town funds as follows: General A $622,114.27, General B $128,754.77, Highway Outside $396,176.48, Youth Recreation & Services $1,696.32, Highway Equipment Reserve $59,327.30, and Building Reserve $812,777.69. February revenues were $58,586.10 and expenses were $106,106.26, making the total February balance $2,020,846.86.


Highway: Grant Seymour, Highway Superintendent, reported that things have been quiet and they are busy patching roads and cutting trees.


Landfill: No report.


Insurance: No report.


Youth Committee report: No report.


Buildings: Supervisor Robert Hall stated that Dente Engineering would start the six test borings around the town hall foundation the week of March 17, 2003.


Senior Citizens report: Councilman Bruce Cornell reports that the regular meeting of the Schuylerville Seniors was held with 71 seniors attending. A guest speaker presented bus tours that are available for seniors. The Quaker Springs seniors met today with 59 seniors attending. They had another delicious lunch.


Old Business: Richard Behrens commented on how well the Advanced Life Support coverage is working for the town since its inception March 1, 2003. He stated that the first two calls received required ALS care. Supervisor Robert Hall reminded Richard Behrens that the town hasn’t received their contract yet and payment will be made thereafter. Supervisor Robert Hall commented that Village of Victory Mayor George Sullivan needs more information regarding the ambulance district. Richard Behrens said they would provide the information needed.


New Business: Supervisor Robert Hall explained the need for an updated 911address listing for the town. After some discussion, a motion was made by Councilman Philip Griffen and seconded by Bruce Cornell for Supervisor Robert Hall to work with Duane Lesson and the county to coordinate a uniform system of addresses. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell – aye. Carried 4 – 0.

Supervisor Robert Hall discussed the L.A.Group’s proposal to combine the Town of Saratoga’s Zoning Ordinances and related laws into a single document, which includes the revisions recommended from the work of the Comprehensive Planning Committee. This would consolidate the Zoning Ordinances with the Subdivision Regulations into one comprehensive and easily reproduced document. Zoning maps would also be prepared and our planning and zoning application forms would be updated. Resolution # 03-13 was presented by Councilman Bruce Cornell and seconded by Councilman Philip Griffen to hire the L.A. Group for $2,500 to consolidate the Zoning Ordinances with the Subdivision Regulations into a comprehensive and easily reproduced document. Zoning maps and updated planning and zoning applications would also be provided. Supervisor Robert Hall – aye, Councilman Philip Griffen – aye, Councilman Fred Drumm – aye, Councilman Bruce Cornell – aye. Carried 4 – 0.


Communications: Communications were read by Supervisor Robert Hall from the State of New York, Division of the Budget regarding reforms in the way pension contributions are calculated and correspondence from the NYS Office of Real Property Services regarding the residential assessment ratio. It was mentioned that Highway Superintendent Grant Seymour would be attending a FEMA Snowstorm Declaration Briefing on March 11, 2003 at 2 p.m. at the Saratoga County Fire Training Center.


Privilege of the floor: Louis Hotchkiss spoke to the Board about the business he is running from his home on County Road 69. He presented the board with the products he packages and ships via UPS from this location. He conveyed that he is trying to make a living for his young family. He pointed out that the family business has no machinery other than office machines and that there is no truck traffic generated by his business. He invited the board members to stop in anytime to see what’s done there. Town Attorney Bill Reynolds commented that he has been in contact with Louis Hotchkiss’ attorney and that the position of the town is that he is in violation of a town ordinance. Louis Hotchkiss conveyed that he has not handled the situation as well as he would have liked.

Roger Sherman asked if the town would sponsor a clean up of the roadsides this spring in the town. Supervisor Robert Hall and Councilman Philip Griffen stated that the local 4-H groups do this each April. They meet at the town garage and pick up trash bags and their assigned roadways. Roger Sherman then asked if there was someway to attract a pharmacist to our area. Supervisor Robert Hall said that there is a joint meeting of the Village of Schuylerville, Village of Victory and the Town of Saratoga scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 7:00 p.m. in the Saratoga Town Hall to discuss many improvements, including ways to entice businesses to the town. This is in coordination with the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce.


Audit the Bills: General A $8,036.54, General B $427.80, Highway Outside $12,921.26 for a total expense of $21,385.60.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

The next regular meeting of the Town Board will be April 14, 2003 at 7:30 p.m.

(Minutes taken by Ruth Drumm, Deputy Town Clerk)

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